HS plans, does this look reasonable?

Does this look overly ambitious, or reasonable? I am traveling with DH, DS15 and DD5. This is our first trip to WDW.


We are all morning people, so I’m not worried about getting up for our EMM, but I do want to make sure we will have time to get back to WL and have a nap and get changed. We are booked for HDDR at 4pm. I am wondering if I should cut out the last show (Beauty and the Beast) so we have time to get back to the hotel. Thoughts?

Also, I was planning to just grab a Lyft to HS since we need to be there so early, unless there is a better way? What time would we need to leave WL, 6:30am?

Thank you for all input!

I think it’s doable, but may be tight between the different shows. You’ll have to really book it over to each one.

Since you’re paying money for EMM, I would try to get a lyft over in the morning just in case.

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I would drop Beauty and the beast if I were you. Otherwise you probably won’t get back to WL until about 2:30 if you take Disney transportation and you’d want to leave by 3 for your ADR. Leave right after Indy and you’ll have a solid hour back at your hotel. Can get even more time if you skip the busses and just take an Uber/Lyft…

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Your DD5 will love B&TB! It’s a great show, lots of easy seating. Just uber back to WL. We ubered from resort to park repeatedly on our Oct-2018 trip and it took under 20 min from requesting ride to arrival and never cost us more than $15 per trip. I think your plan is very do-able.

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I think your plan is very doable. Just make sure to add in your breakfast with EMM (I think you can eat until 10?). Also does DS15 wasn’t to ride RnR? He could be there before the RD crowd to ride. You may even get in an extra ToT ride if you want.
If you are not interested in RnR then I would switch meeting Chewbacca with ToT since you have FP for ToT. Unless he is not there that early.
We also enjoyed meeting Kylo Ren. He was just so in character. I hear BB8 is lots of fun too.
I would be torn about missing out on Beauty and the Beast. Your DD will think it is magical. It is truly a mini Broadway production. Do you have time to see it another day?

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Is later show of HDDR an option?

Thank you for all of these great responses! I had to work all day and didn’t get a chance to play with my tp at all today (gotta pay for Disney, but work does get in the way of the good stuff!)

I am going to try playing with the tp, and I’ll repost here when I think I’ve gotten something better.

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I don’t think my DD5 will make it for the later show, especially with the EMM that day. I think I’ll look at cutting the muppets to see if that helps anything.

Alright… cutting the muppets does nothing for my plans.

It’s frustrating to figure out because many of the shows don’t start until 11 or 12, but they also end at 5 or 6, so for us to leave and come back doesn’t really work to see the shows, which is why I cancelled our dinner ADR at the park for HDDR which is easy to get to from WL. I thought I could do everything early and then head back to the hotel…

Decisions, decisions, maybe I should just stick to our original plan, use lyft and just plan to leave when we hit a wall. I want to have at least an hour at the hotel, so we will plan to leave the park by 12:30.

I find HS the hardest park to plan for. With 3 FPP, shows with set times, and an ADR, I feel like we plan HS like a military operation. I’m struggling today with my TP as well and FPP day is in 3 days

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We only have one day for HS. The unofficial guide said HS could be done in a half day, but there is a lot there that I want to do! If you had to choose between Frozen and B&TB which would you choose?

Also, DS15 said RnR was the only ride he had no interest in, so at least we don’t have to plan for that.

I have been working on a preliminary HS TP for my fall trip and am running into similar issues. It’s a hard park to plan when you have to leave in afternoon (like you do) or want to take a mid-day break at a resort. I have reached the conclusion that a show or two that we want to see will likely be left off the plan.

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That’s a tough one because I think your whole family may enjoy Frozen more with the hilarious historians but I have to say B&TB was my favorite. I was really blown away by it. I’m not sure if that is just me though or if others feel that way too…

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OK, thank you. DH really wants to see B&TB also, so if we have to choose, we will probably stick with that.

My vote would go toward Frozen. I loved it! I prefer it over BATB anyway, but I also liked being indoors in cushy seats, not on cold metal benches (we were there on a 50 degree day).

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I’ve re-done this plan 1,000,000 times. I am leaving Frozen and Indy as the last 2 activities for the day, if we run out of steam, or get worried about time, we can ditch those.

I am sad to miss shows, but it was drilled into me while reading the UG that you will never get to do all of things you want to… this is how Disney gets you, you have to come back for more :rofl:

We will plan to lyft and do the best we can.

One last quick question… the TP has us showing up for Frozen with no wait time, basically right at the start of the show, is this even doable? Don’t we have to be there earlier?

understood. I remember when our sons were younger …a few heads on tables at an ADR …they didnt even eat the food they ordered. what about whispering canyon at 530ish instead of hddr…although I love hddr

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I haven’t seen Frozen at HS. I would have said to skip BaTB if it wasn’t for your daughter’s age. It was enjoyable, but not nearly as good (to me) as some of the other shows at Disney (Festival of the Lion King, etc). But it is a matter of opinion.

I am surprised you don’t have RnRC on your plan. It is arguably the best coaster on Disney Property. (Okay, I put Expedition Everest as best, but others I know put RnRC as best.) Perhaps your DH and DS could go ride it while you do BaTB with your daughter? (Unless, that is, you are a big coaster fan as well!)

I think putting Indiana Jones last was a wise move. While I think the show is enjoyable, it is probably the best of the bunch to skip if you have to. While we’ve watched it several times, each time was show a different child could experience who didn’t in a previous trip. But otherwise it is a one and done kind of thing.

I think we’ll just plan on not doing everything at HS and leaving early. I really want to keep the HDDR reservation. I’ve been preaching to my family for the past month that we won’t be able to do everything and it gives us a reason to come back… time to take my own advice :slight_smile:


So being a planning nerd I typed out the attractions in each park, printed a list for each person in the family, and had them read the ride descriptions in the UG and rate the attractions (1-5) so that we could try to do most people’s must do attractions and not waste our time trying to fit in stuff that no one was really interested in. DH and DS both gave RnR a rating of 1 - Do not want to do.
Maybe they will change their minds when we get there, but that’s why it’s not on the list.

Thank you for your input, I will keep Indy at the end as you suggested. Every time we miss an attraction we wanted to do, it will make those bounce back offers look that much better!