HS planning is messed up in TP?

I’ve been trying to re-work my HS plans for May. I know I can’t come up with a perfect plan or anything, since it is a bit of a nightmare planning around ROTR, etc.

But I had plans I made a few weeks back, and now copied a couple of those plans to another day and re-evaluated.

It is weird. The wait times for the rides went up…sometimes significantly. So even when I re-evaluate on the same day the plan was originally, I’m seeing huge increases, despite the fact the CLs haven’t really changed significantly for our days.

One example, I had one RD plan where previously it was giving a TOT wait of 13 minutes. Now, when I re-evaluate the same exact plan, the wait time is 48 minutes.

So, despite have CLs of 3 predicted for the days we’ll be in HS, I’m seeing wait times from 2 to 4 times longer.

Is this a fluke in TP? It doesn’t make sense that ROTR would cause this, since CLs are down overall since it opened. :confused:


A couple of us noticed that as well (we talked about in another post) - I had the same thing happen, it doesn’t make sense because looking at the wait times currently (and even over busier times over the holidays), they don’t match up.

My trip plan gave me an 80 minute wait to rope drop TSM - but as per recent wait times it wasn’t reaching that until 2-3h after park open.

I just now have a plan in my head of what I assume/hope it will be like.


Maybe @len can weigh in.

For the purposes of discussion, our trip days are May 10 through May 18, but the HS dates I’m looking at are May 11 (Monday), and May 15 (Friday).

When i hit strangeness in a touring plan i make a copy of the plan for me to continue to play with then submit the original plan to their request system. They get back to me pretty quick


RotR didn’t change crowd levels, but it did change how early people arrive and crowd distribution during the day, maybe that’s the case?

I think wait times went up significantly in the AM due to everyone being there for boarding passes. HS is such a mess, that I’m not even doing touring plans in TP this time.

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I’m using it to judge overall time to get through everything, and have a general plan of attack.

If it is, it is showing up as longer waits across the board, which then means CLs should be going up as well, which doesn’t seem to be the case.

It looks like rope-dropping ANY ride at HS is an act of futility, though, if the new wait times are accurate. Basically, we should show up long enough to get our ROTR BG, and then leave and come back later. :confused: But that assumes we don’t end up with a BG at like noon, which would then be a huge pain to work with. Either give me an early BG, or one in the late afternoon.

I’m thinking maybe it’s just that they have more data now.

The opening of RotR is bound to have had an impact, as there are now so many people in the park before official park opening. Although some will leave, most will probably not and so be swelling the wait times.

Remember the crowd levels reflect the wait times between 10am & 4pm, or 11am & 5pm (I can’t quite remember off hand). But now the crowds are arriving much earlier, thus inflating the wait times.

I speculated in the other thread that this might be related to late opening times (9 am) for March and beyond. The numbers I’m seeing for my TP look reasonable for 9 am IF the park had opened at 7.

I wonder if/when earlier openings show up, if the RD wait times will be more in line with what we expect.

For now, I’m going on the assumption that I can really get TSM and AS2 done in the first 40 minutes of park opening, even if my plan says no way. I’ve just put in a break.

I hope we hear more soon!

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one with this issue. I wasn’t able to get a FP+ for SDD so I plan on RDing that and tackling AS2 and the Sunset rides (have a FP+ for TSM). I tried to add a break at the start of my day so that SDD stays as my first attraction but it keeps getting shifted around. Am I missing something? I’m really only using the TP for DHS as a guideline sinces RotR is so unpredictable for now. My trip isn’t until early March, so I have a decent amount of time to really play with this and to keep planning. Most likely I’ll wind up just modifying and optimizing my plan throughout the day. My main agenda is to get a BG!

Did the opening times change @ryan1? Have you checked that?

No. So far no changes in opening times…although I kind of think the times might change before our trip. Right now opens at 9:00.

I’m going the week before you. What time do you THINK opening will be? What about closing?

I’m curious about this as well. My HS touring plan for mid-February is showing surprisingly long waits at park opening (9 AM). I’m planning for the worst and hoping I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Is there a website where you can look up actual wait times for rides at certain times of day for past dates?

Opening has been 7:00. I can’t see why they won’t back up the 9 opening to 8. Just a hunch. No reason other than that. We shall see.

Ryan, my touring plan are for May 11, it had RNRC at a 60 minute wait at 9:06 am , does seem awfully long. I moved it to the middle of the day, 67 minutes, then I moved it to 8:00 pm 27 minutes. I don’t get it, must be a glitch

Touring plans has wait times that show the predicted and observed wait times throughout the day - I just google ‘Hollywood studios wait times’ and it comes up … I’ve never tried to see where exactly to access it on the main page

I’ll ask @SteveBloom to weigh in on this. Thanks for the heads-up.

Once you’ve selected a park, scroll down until you find the big red “Attractions” button. from there you can select the attraction you are interested in. Next you will need to scroll down to the “Wait Times” graph. In the text below that you will find a blue link titled “Slinky Dog Dash Wait Times” or whatever the ride you are looking for is called. This will lead you to the page where you can find historical wait times for the ride.


More conveniently: Go to the park you are interested. On the far right you will see a list of links that can be expanded. Click on “PLANNING YOUR DAY”. In the expanded list you will find “Wait Times”. From there you can select your desired attraction.

Thanks I will try that :slight_smile: