HS planning is messed up in TP?

Maybe the high wait times are also in anticipation of MMRR, which will still be fairly new and probably something the whole family can ride, but won’t have any Fast Passes?

With the new tier changes, I went to re-evaluate my plans. They’re still unbelievable at RD. It said 90+ minutes at RnRC at 9am. This was for March 20th.

Any thoughts on this @SteveBloom

With the change with the new Tiering we will be be updating the wait time predictions.

The other thing going on, is that it is most likely that HS will open at 7am on most days. The chance the HS opens at 9am in March is 0%.


I would assume as long as Rise of the Resistance is using Boarding Groups, Hollywood Studios will be opening at 7 am.

Is there a way to allow our Personalized TPs to start earlier, even though official park opening is still 9? I suppose, just pick a different date that matches CL?

I sent a request to the team to allow the user (ahem…me!) to override the park hours, and just provide a warning to the user…but the response back was they felt that would be confusing to the user. I tried to argue my case, but to no avail…so I think your idea is the best alternative I can see for now.