HS 2 days mornings

Hi! Since the wait times will be a bit lengthy for HS I’m considering breaking the park up into two mornings (6/29 & 7/2) and then taking a pool break for the afternoons. I’ve tried several plans and I just can’t seem to get it right! Any thoughts on how to break the attractions up into two mornings???

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That’s a good idea, we just did 2 days at HS.

The rides with the longest waits are: SDD, TOT, & MFSR. So you would rope drop 2 of these.

If you plan on doing all these attractions, an example would be:

Day one: SDD to MFSR to ST
Day two: TOT to RnRC to MMRR


Thank you! I feel like I tried that, but my head is spinning now! I’ll give it a shot!


that’s funny we are thinking of doing 2 evenings! i can’t figure it out either.

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lol. I have a 16 yo and a 14 yo, so I was thinking a little pool time, dinner and then back in the park after dinner.


Definitely end with TOT as late as possible. That’s the one you may still have a longish wait for in the evening. All the others are manageable.


With those ages, it may not be worth it to rope drop SDD. Unless you’ve never experienced it. It’s a very tame coaster.


It’s worth noting that some of the lines are shorter in the afternoon / evening than they are in the morning. Certainly you hit a point in the morning where you’re better off waiting to ride any headliners till later.


We haven’t been to WDW since the kids were young and they do want to ride SDD. I was ready to skip over it, but they opposed that.



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Our experience (a couple of months before the shut down) was that HS was very busy in the mornings because everyone was there to try and get RotR times, but not so much in the evenings. We RDed and stood near ToT to get boarding times… we rode ToT and RnR and then left until the afternoon because the waits were so long for everything. When we came back the lines were much shorter.


I’m doing this very thing and I’m going SDD, TSM, ASS, MFSR, ST, Muppets, vacation fun (and I’ll fit in RotR if/when it’s time)

Day 2 MMRR, TT, RnR, Cars, Frozen, WDOMD as of right now (and if we don’t get RoTR first day or girls want to ride it again). They are 13 going on 14 on this trip. My DD13 loves DHS and it’s her fave park and she’s actually going back a 3rd time after she turns 14 while I food booth crawl Epcot.

Edit both days I have noon lunches and hoping to be done by then and go back to the hotel for a swim or mini golf or something until 6 or 7pm


That seems to make a lot of sense! Thanks!

I think 2 days at HS makes so much sense right now. It allows for strolling and GE exploring!

We did two HS days in December. We skipped ToT and RnRC but could’ve worked them in if we had wanted to.

Here’s how our two days fleshed out:

Day 1: SDDx2, TSM, AS2, RotR, Muppets, lunch at Sci-Fi. Resort break. TSM, Oga’s, MMRR and MFSR to finish the day

Day 2: MMRR, MFSR, ST, RotR, lunch at H&V. Resort break. TSMx3, AS2, SDDx2 to end the night.


We have 1 evening (5 to close) and 1 full day (RD until we are done) plus an extra APR on a resort day to try for ROTR just in case.
Day 1 goals: SDD, TSM, ASS, Muppets, MMRR
Day 2 goals: MFSR, ROTR, ST, Oga’s, RNRC, TOT, Frozen
What would you RD on Day 2? MFSR? RNRC? TOT?

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ToT and rnr. Two rides right next to each other that can have queues into the heat. At least at MFSR a lot of it is shaded/indoors

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As I’ve never seen GE, this is good to know. Thanks. Maybe we will RD RNRC as we all love that, while only a couple of our group will brave TOT!


I think we would on both days. Not sure which attractions make most sense?

When creating plans do you use the time you plan to get to the park as your plan start time? That seems to make quite a big difference if I do that.

I’m rope dropping so I’ve put the earliest time it will let me 30 min prior to opening. However they usually let you in close to an hour before so you’ll likely be able to do even more if you rope drop

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