How's the No Smoking Going?


Which brings us back to: enforce the rules they’ve set down, harshly if necessary, and do not bend to accommodate the vocal minority.

Bringing back the smoking areas is not going to solve the issue, it’s just going to move and delay it.


Yup, I think that’s a great idea. Ban all lighters and matches… I mean, why would people need them anyway? If people are addicted to nicotine, they can pop on a patch for the day or chew some gum. It might at least help to take the edge off, I imagine.


No thanks. Can you imagine the lines for security while they make sure that not a single person has a lighter or matches stashed away anywhere; on their person, in their bag or in a stroller?? :rofl:


This is why I go through the no-bag line :wink:
But no, I didn’t think of that. Even so… might be worth it to me.


Dork #3 right here. They are awesome


No fair! You don’t have to rub it in!


not much longer than usual. Faster when people catch on.


I guess I don’t understand what the motivation is here. I admittedly skimmed the “progressive society” part of this thread, but was there anything broken about the in-park designated smoking areas. I literally did not notice or think about them during our week long trip last Dec. I also wasn’t aware of them at all.


The thing with an in-park smoking area is that it’s like an in-pool peeing area - there’s no way to keep it there. The smell travels.


You must be in an area that smoking dangers were introduced much sooner in school. Nothing was introduced at any grade of our local schools until 1999, 6 years after I had already started smoking, “hey dad did it and didn’t prohibit me from smoking, heck he bought them for me, why would he give me something that could harm me?”


In Epcot in particular, it was largely ineffective. It was in at the mouth of a corridor which was upwind, so everyone on the WS promenade got to walk through the exhaust.

MK was marginally better.


I believe we have a secret cabal of zippy pants enthusiasts right here on TP, quietly spreading the word. In time, we will prevail. :wink:


Most schools in the nation began campaigns around the time of the DARE program, which was started in the early 80s. I’m surprised to hear anything was as late as 1999.


well, I agree they need to enforce the rules they set down, but if they aren’t going to, then at least if there was a designated location in each park it may cut down on folks smoking anywhere they please; although I am sure that doesn’t completely stop that. So yea, bottom line: ENFORCE!

ETA What would happen if you were caught at gates trying to bring in alcohol? Wouldn’t they ban you from entering park? Of course all you would have to do is go throw it away and then enter (I assume) - doubt they flag a magic band


Have fun! It’s been ages since I’ve been there, but I remember it being awesome for coasters.


Yup. In fact, I saw this (sorta) on my last trip. Someone was trying to leave WS through international gateway with a drink in their hand, security stopped them and said that they can’t leave the park with the drink.

The group was fine with it and just shrugged and said “well, I guess we’re staying here for a little while longer.”


School district wasn’t too up with the times here. Still toted abstinence as pregnancy prevention so not suprised.


well… it is the most fool proof way.

though there is a story of this one chick… :stuck_out_tongue:


right. but as far as trying to get in with alcohol, my assumption is they would do no more than tell you you can’t enter with it, and no other consequences. I guess what I am saying is how are they going to really enforce the no smoking…yes, they could escort you to the gate, but then how are they going to keep you from coming back in (I doubt they are). Seems to me that at least with a designated smoking area in the park, it could at least cut down on smoking anywhere. Maybe not


I honestly don’t think so? Everywhere I’ve ever seen something banished, whether it be smoking, alcohol, or fluid (like in an airport), when something isn’t allowed in, it’s just not allowed to travel with you. If you refuse, THEN something happens, but if you agree to dispose of it somehow (whether it be throw it away or return it to hotel room or whatever), I don’t think any more is said.

As far as how they are going to really enforce it… dunno. But then I’m not the one tasked with coming up with the solution and that’s on Disney.

Why wouldn’t they? If you are a caught and escorted to the gate, they simply deactivate their MB for the day. That they can do with ease. Just like they would for someone who was overly drunk and got kicked out of the parks.

There’s really no difference to this than someone being belligerent in the parks. If you’re too much of a jerk in the parks, you can and will be shown the door. I’m not sure why this is being treated differently?