How's the No Smoking Going?


okay then that is good if they prevent you from coming back in (if you are belligerent or being a jerk about it); otherwise it’s pointless


Absolutely. And despite Ryan’s assertions, it wouldn’t take very much to enforce this. MOST people will obey the rules. Even now, most are obeying the rules. No one is going to Disney to get into an argument. So long as it’s clearly spelled out, most people will be prepared and willing to fall in line.

But there will always be a few who feel the rules don’t apply to them. These are the same yutzes walking around when there WAS a designated area. These are also the same people who are keyboard commandos and only have courage when the anonymity of the Internet protects them.

All Disney will need to do is hold the line and they will continue to be isolated incidents.


I am indoctrinating the youth in the ways of the zippy pants. It’s a requirement of the fishing culture. Here’s DS sporting them last weekend.


LOL, hey they work. Especially days where its right around 50 in the morning then 70’s by lunch.


Just returned from our May 4-10 visit. I saw No One SMOKING in the parks. I only saw some lost souls outside the entrances smoking in designated areas. I didn’t smell smoke in the bathrooms or elsewhere. I am quite sensitive to smoke so I would have detected it.


good. I haven’t been in 3 years and I never noticed anyone roaming the parks or smoking in bathrooms then. Was just hoping that new rule didn’t cause people to light up anywhere they chose rather than have to leave the park.


HIPPO. I was there 4/27-5/3 and didn’t notice any smoking.


Ahahaha! I love that first one. I’m thinking you led him blindfolded to a secret place for an indoctrination ceremony- like Cabelas! Hahaha.


I disagree. I see a lot of young people vaping these days. Plus I work next to a international business school in CA - lots of college students from different countries. You can definitely tell when the school is in session vs on break. They aren’t allowed to smoke next to buildings so they smoke in our plaza area.

I’ve never smoked but I feel for the smokers. I really want to know what happens if someone goes out for a smoke and then tries to re-enter but the park has closed due to it being at capacity. I realize that doesn’t happen often but I see it happening a lot when Galaxy’s edge opens.




Soooo, another wristband for smokers??? Don’t know but good question. I’m still trying to find out how reentry during After Hours would work, or if it’s allowed.


I just returned on monday and didn’t see anyone smoking or vaping inside the parks. All the bathrooms I used didn’t smell of smoke or vape, and I didn’t see anyone in there doing either (although maybe there needs to be a lesson or two on NOT trying to flush diapers!)
There were a few instances where people were outside of HS smoking near Fantasia Mickey. But also, there is a bunch of construction walls up there so maybe they didn’t know the smoking area. My husband actually said something to a girl who put her cigarette out on the top of a trash barrel and she told him to EFF off. How kind!
I think here and there were some areas outside the park where benches were that people were smoking. If they want to enforce the smoking areas outside the park, they really should have a cast member monitoring the area and directing people to where they can smoke.


If you mean the bench halfway between Fantasia Mickey and boat dock, that was a smoking area when we were there last week - it had those weird, new chess piece shaped “ashtrays” by the bench. There were quite a few people smoking there when we walked to the boat.