How's the No Smoking Going?

I’m just curious from anyone who has been lately – did you notice people openly smoking in the parks now since the smoking areas have been moved outside the gates? How’s the implementation going?

Following this as I too am curious.

I read reports on FB about people smoking in bathrooms.

They need airline smoke detectors in the bathrooms :slight_smile:


That’s so rude. Both of my sisters have bad asthma and can’t breathe around smoke. I’m usually timid about calling people out, but I might have to if I see that. :upside_down_face:


I lost my father to lung cancer…smoking is a big trigger for me. I would absolutely find a CM and ask that they be removed from the parks. They are endangering the health of everyone around them because they are simply too lazy to walk out of the park.


I’m so sorry for your loss. Smoking is a big trigger for me, too. I’ve lost several relatives to lung cancer, and my younger sister (non-smoker) is an 18 year survivor of lung cancer.


I was afraid the new policy might cause this. I’d rather they have a designated spot in the parks rather than folks not wanting to go all the way out and lighting up in a bathroom


This. And funnily enough this is exactly what I thought would happen. We were in the parks the last two weeks, and I could smell smoke in the parks almost every day after the ban came into force. I saw two people openly smoking - one woman in the former smoking area by Splash and a man who was walking towards Pandora with a lit cigarette in his hand. Both went unchallenged by CMs. We were walking behind the guy in AK for a good few minutes.

I can understand why Disney are doing this, but I honestly think it would have been better to keep just one smoking area in each park, in an area well away from other guests. Also, the new, designated smoking areas outside the parks are almost all in areas where other guests pass very close by (the one by International Gateway is impossible to avoid). I can’t see how this is an improvement to be honest.


Ugh that is very disappointing to hear. I hope they figure out something soon! I get that the Cast Members might find it hard to enforce it… but aren’t there security people literally all over the park?

Ban a few people from the property with no refund and word will quickly spread that they are serious about banning smoking.


Totally agree. I was pretty sure this is what would happen and I knew CMs would likely not challenge anyone…if I were an 18 - 20 year old kid, I wouldn’t want to challenge…heck even at my ripe old age, I am a bit hesitant to challenge someone. This stinks (literally and figuratively)


But unfortunately they probably won’t. Don’t get me wrong…I am not bashing folks who smoke, just folks who don’t care about the safety and well being of others. That many people elbow to elbow, someone is going to get a cigarette burn…if it’s me I WILL SPEAK UP LOUDLY

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If there’s no consequences for breaking rules, then why shouldn’t people just do what they want?

I personally think Disney screwed up here. They were better able to control it when people had convenient options. Now…???


enforce the rules harshly on a few people and everyone will learn

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Yes, it’s like setting the speed limit too low and then not enforcing it. Nobody knows what the “real” consequences are, or even if there will be any. So people just do what they want.

Much better to have a reasonable rule that’s enforced than try to look tough and not mean it.

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I think it’s highly unlikely they didn’t think this through. If they want the parks smoke-free, they can do it. I haven’t spent nearly as much time in the parks as many around here, but I’ve never seen anyone smoking outside a smoking area. I’m sure it happened, I just never saw it.

I’d say give them time. For all we know, the smokers that have been seen smoking have been caught on camera (highly likely) and later discretely approached by security (possible) without making a public incident. That is likely their number one goal is not having somebody freak out on them.

We were just there May 3-8th and I didn’t see anyone smoking in the parks. Actually, not even outside of the entrance either. If we walked by the smoking area, I didn’t notice and I hate the smell of cigarette smoke, so I think I would have noticed. As we were walking through our hotel property, there was someone smoking on one of the main paths and I noticed immediately but he was in a designated smoking area.

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smoking area at MK is just right (facing the park) of the Customer Relations booths. Sucks when you’re going to or from the Contemporary if there’s people there :frowning: Sometimes there were people there, other times there was no one. So if you missed it there, consider yourself lucky :slight_smile:

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That’s a horrible location! I would hate to have to walk past that going to the Contemporary, yuck

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