How was the Villains Unleashed Party?

Followed a little through chat, but would love to hear reviews.

Me too! I was stalking Instagram last night for pictures... Lots of costumes! A few people seemed to say it was too crowded and disorganized but I am sure it's better then last years craziness!

Kenny the Pirate reported a friend waiting 3.5 hours for Maleficent! What? I think she is going to appear with Aurora in Princess Hall during MNSSHP so I'd wait until then. @niter was there and posting but lost track of it in chat

I bought niter and wifey tickets and they called from the party last night around midnight. Have to temper his reviews since niter could have fun in a closet, he's such a nice guy. He said even the lines for Brer Foc & Bear were looooong but the lines for rides were manageable. Not much extra theming / special about the park. Good fireworks. They ran out of the party special treats also. I would suspect that the general park crowd was ok but people were there to meet the seldom seen villains and the rides were not picking up as much of the crowd volume as they thought would happen. He said the ooogie boogie show was very good

Thanks for the overview. @niter's Instagram pics were great, as usual!

Pros: we loved the fireworks and opening show and the variety of characters offered. Cons: lines were crazy. Merck line opened well before 8. By 6pm when we wandered back there I would say there was a good 2hr wait and they only had the one location (the small store near the Monsters Inc meet). We waited 30-45 minutes for Bowler Hat Guy right after the opening show. Wasted 35 minutes waiting for Capt Gantu and gave up when we didn't make it into his first set. They had him switching off with the hamster and the two lines were right next to each other so you couldn't really tell how long you would be waiting until you got in the roped section. We left that line to go to the 1030 Oogie Boogie show. At about 9-930 the line for Shen Yu was estimated 90 minutes (by the CM running it). Star Lord and Gamora were cool however the way they had it set up was terrible. They had it in the Disney Jr stage area. Dh was on the stage an the bottom area was roped off. Only the guests against the rope got pics and they wouldn't move to give anyone else a chance after their turn. We heard Maleficient of the Moors line closed at 9pm and Constantine closed at 9:30 so we never had a shot at those two.

I've got a ton of pics I need to download and edit, but here's a couple.


I liked it a lot...the Oogie Boogie show was awesome call it disney pg13 sexy dancers, fire breathers ect. The special preshow for F! Was terribad...It was same as normal F!. However it was way over sold....people were very angry very very angry....3 hour waits...45 minute wait to buy mechindice...they even ran out of cup cakes.....u start a conversation with someone in line and everyone joined in and just complain how busy it was.....wrapping up I loved it...road some rides got my dad age 65 on tower of terror

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My dad age 65 villians party he is next to me green hockey jersey

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You are a really positive guy and it's awesome. Glad you had a great time. Special memories with parents is priceless!

@niter, Are there any hockey jerseys you don't own?

Ha ha old man just gave me that one...he said i never wear it anyways