Here is Dis Boards Villians Unleashed review. Pretty harsh!

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Saw Deb’s review as well… I wonder if someone’s gonna lose a job over this fiasco.

I can’t imagine how this event gets messed up by a group like Disney. Particularly seeing as the basic problem was too many hard tickets. Less tickets= less people, lower waits, more food, more goodies bags and merchandise. They certainly had a lot of characters around! Mind boggling

I remember following in chat last night and niter (I am not tagging niter because I know he in not too keen on forums, and I want to respect that) was having a good time, but did mention it was crowded. Disney has to expect a huge demand if it is a one time event. I understand that they want to cram in as many people as possible, but it takes away from the experience.

Disney will make more money in the long run if they ran this show more than once, and honestly they should also run it in Halloween and take some of the pressure from MK. They may not want to run this as often as MNSSHP but if they ran it say 5 times, and cut down the amount of tickets they sell, it will be more enjoyable.

Just my 2 cents.

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Clearly there is interest in this event! I agree, do it more often and you’s likely have people go to both. Most folks who went also said it was mostly populated with adults. So it could almost be a a NotNotSoScareyParty haha