How very implusive of me

I am officially booked for my first return trip to WDW! I have been very cautious during the last year+, but finally I am seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. I have faith things will be well under my personal acceptable risk level by mid July.

My original plan was to stay offsite for the week and work M-W and just take 2 days off so I could visit the parks at night during the work week and get 2 weekends in. I have a friend relocating back to the area so I could have stayed with her as well to save even more money. I really wanted to balance my time off with expense, etc.

So now the impulsive part is I scratched my plan, am taking 3 days off, and will now be staying at WILDERNESS! FREAKING! LODGE! Y’all, I am normally soooo cheap. Like $200 or more a night is waaaay too much for me. This move will cost me 50% more for literally half as many nights, but screw it! This last year sucked, I have plenty of cash saved from all the trips that didn’t happen, my birthday is July 5, and just… damnit I want to.

I am beyond excited! It’s my favorite all around resort and I have not actually stayed there before so I am super pumped to finally do it and for 4 glorious nights. I can go to Geyser Point every single night! I can actually get in the amazing looking pools! I can wander the lobby in my pjs when I get my morning caffiene. I! AM! STOKED! Just had to share with y’all because I know you get it.


Yay! You are staying in one of those newly renovated rooms?! Wow! I am so happy for you!


So excited for you!!! It will be epic!


Thanks! I was so excited to think I may get to sleep in a bed no one has slept in before lol

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For sure will have one of your tattoos in your sacred space in your honor.

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What are your dates?

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Congrats on the countdown! Good for you!


This is the tattoo we all need. :joy:

(well, except the birthday part … unless that’s someone else’s birthday lol)




In all seriousness I don’t have a single spot of ink on me, but have contemplated something related to AK off and on for a few years now.

I doubt I’ll ever get one though.



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I have 0 tattoos, but I was talking about the drink… Jenns Tattoo at sacred spaces.


Fab. Love WL


I knew that was the reference!!


Yay me! I’m never in on the joke/reference first round…I’m very excited.



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Although if you want that tattoo you only have to make one small edit with the date and you don’t even have to pay me any royalties.


Also YAY! I’m SO EXCITED for you!

It’s been a heck of a year and you deserve the splurge! I hope it’s everything you wanted and more.

BTW, I kinda am obsessed with the idea of getting coffee in pajamas!

I’m seriously dancing on the inside I’m so excited for you!


OK now you lost me

Jeff’s comment…

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Thanks! Mine will be diet coke instead of coffee, but yes it sounds amazing!

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