How to see MK after hours

We are going to MK in a few weeks. I would love to have dinner somewhere close to park closing time so that we can be in the park when it closes. What are my options? what is the least expensive option? TIA

Not the least expensive, but the California Grill at the Contemporary probably has the best view overall.

Oh. One more thought is to go to the Contemporary to eat at their quick service or something, but then go outside on the 4th floor balcony just to watch the park.

On our recent trip (MK closed at 7) we had ADR’s on different days at BOG at 6:55 and at LTT at 6:15. Both resulted in leaving the restaurant well after closing. The later ADR was better of course as it was getting dark by the time we left. Of the two I would recommend LTT on basis of cost and food.


But that isn’t inside the park

You can do BOG, LTT, or Skipper Canteen. I’d probably do LTT. But that’s only because THAT WAS MY PLAN FOR NEXT FREAKIN WEEEEEEEK! :cry:

Oops, sorry.


Hmm. I thought the question is, if you stay in MK until closing, where can you then eat that is close by where you could see MK from outside the park. Maybe that isn’t the question?

No it’s not. It says so they can be in the park after closing.


Yes. Right. You are in the park when it closes, and then want to see MK after hours so find a place to eat? That’s what I thought was being asked. Since park closes early, it doesn’t get dark so you’d want to eat later, but still be close enough to see the park as it grows dark.

Apologies if I totally misunderstood!

They want a late ADR in the park so that it has closed and is empty/dark when they finish eating.


You’ll need a Table Service, no question. Anything else and they’ll move you toward the door. I’ve never been in a restaurant at park close though, so I don’t know if the wait staff starts urging you to move though. I would doubt it as the stores are usually open at least an hour after park close (well, in normal circumstances anyway, not sure what the Covid-situation is).

BOG I think is your best bet for being able to drag your feet on the walk out and still see most of the park as its also the farthest from the gates, I think.

LTT will probably yield the most amount of time to work on your food (bigger portions than BOG I think?)

Okay. Totally miffed that, I guess.


Mike Rahlmann of the podcast went to WDW with his daughter, Mallory a few weeks ago.

Their group had one of the last of the day ADR at Liberty Tree Tavern, 15 minutes before closing time.

Reportedly were able to stay in the MK one and half hours after closing time.



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Thank you for using full words- all the way down this thread I’ve been scratching my head on “LTT” :laughing:


Don’t forget about The Plaza! @parklor The Plaza might also be the cheapest option! Check their menu.

I’ll be there next week!:european_castle:

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That’s right! GREAT idea.

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A couple of things to keep in mind, MK will be closing at 6 PM starting on Tuesday September 8th.

The Plaza is probably the best low price option. No one mentioned Tony’s Town Square, (it is not very popular) and it is very close to the exit, so you don’t get to see much more of the park on the way out.

Be Our Guest in Fantasy Land and Liberty Tree Tavern in Liberty Square are farthest from the exit.

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no worries! I appreciate the tips:)

Tomorrowland is my favorite after dark, so I would probably go with Be Our Guest in hope that I could maybe take that route out of the park.


Sadly, they had the paths to Tomorrowland roped off when we left LTT at 7:45.

Staff were stationed outside the restaurant to ensure no one headed back toward Frontierland. When we left BOG at 8:30 the manager and security actually followed us out at a distance so I’m pretty sure no diversions would have been permitted. They didn’t bother me about stopping to take photos though.