How to Score Fantasmic Dining Package?

Has anyone actually scored a package and if so how did you do it? I have been trying every day, multiple times a day, all hours of the day, and cannot seem to score a Fantasmic dining package reservation. I started exactly 60 days before we are going. I probably check 50 times a day. We are staying at one of the park hotels.

Any suggestions?

What date are you looking for? The January dates haven’t been entered in the system yet.

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Mid January. That’s good to know. When I looked online, they said that they started releasing the tickets sometime in October for date 60 days in advance. Do you have any inside information as to when they get released?


No idea. Most likely 7 AM but i check randomly just in case. There is another thread as well.

I’ll search for the other thread. I usually check early in the morning and then in the afternoon and then at night and then overnight :smiley:

I’m surprised they haven’t released it yet since it’s only six weeks away.

Thanks again

I used MouseDining and scored several for the same day. But the one I wanted was 50s Prime Time, and I finally got that one today! My HS day was tomorrow, so it was looking unlikely.

I upgraded for $9/month (I only need one month) and set alerts for every meal with a Fantasmic package. The only one I never got was H&V lunch/dinner. I got H&V breakfast, but then I realized it had different characters. I just gradually replaced my reservation with ones I liked better. For my date (12/1/2022), Sci-Fi had the most availability.


Hi - Thanks for this information. My question is basic. HOW do I attempt to reserve a Fantastic Dining Package? Is it through Touring Plans or do I have to go through the Disney site? Thanks!

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Welcome to the Forum!

All ADRs are done through Disney.

Fantasmic ADR is here:


There is a thread on the package here:

(Fantasmic reservations live! - #140 by mathhound)

Good luck!

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Hi, first post here! Planning trip in February and had previously not planned on going to Fantasmic! but thinking now we may want to see it. This may be a dumb question, but is any dining reservation at a Fantasmic dining package restaurant eligible for the dining package? For example, when I look up Mama Melrose for a random date in March they have availability to book, but if I search under Dining Package it shows no availability. I have set two Dining alerts for Sci-Fi and 50’s Prime Time, but now I’m wondering even if I snag one if it might not count toward the Dining Package. Thanks!

Hi there and WELCOME!

You’ll want to search Fantasmic Dining Packages. That will show you which restaurants are part of the package, and then once you select your date, time, and preferred location from that list you’ll see what’s available. The dining alerts through TP will not alert to the Dining Package specifically (to my knowledge) and I don’t believe they have one for dining packages to set up.

Does anyone know how far our the Fantasmic Dining Package is open until? We are hoping to book for Sunday March 26…just wondering how long approximately until they open! Thanks for your help!

It doesn’t seem to be exact… it’s been less than 60 days, in my experience but I don’t know that there’s a really hard, fast timeline.

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I’m looking right now, and I haven’t seen any availability for a party of 2… either lunch or dinner. I have randomly checked about 6 or 7 dates in February. And many dates in March… even out to the last couple weeks of march…

Any thoughts?

They are loading all over the place! I have a reservation for Sc-Fi Fantasmic Package for February 7th. They loaded like at 55 days but not all of the packages were loaded. I think Prime Time wasn’t loaded. The people going the last week of January did not get the Fantasmic Packages loaded until like 2 weeks after the ones in February were loaded! Go figure. Keep on checking.

@stlouie Yeah, I was able to find a reservation for a random Monday in February - 30 days from today… but nothing the day before, or day after.

Agreed it looks weird!

Maybe people cancelled?

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