How to maximize the FPP system to minimize ALL of your waits – not just the first three

Saw a blurb on chat that this may not be running g the same way with the new MDE app update - anyone tested of experienced?

I have been worrying about this. Haven’t heard anything personally but would be sad to see this go by the wayside.

Oh nooo – what did they say on Chat??

There’s a very long thread which confused me a lot but I think the gist was that you can see all available times, not just a selection - but so can everyone else, so by the time you hit the time you want, it can be gone.

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Well that does not make me happy one bit. :expressionless:

I wonder what this means… will we all go back to using those in-park FP machines?! (I assume not, but…??)

I doubt it. Looks like you will still be able to modify but maybe not as much or it may take longer. I expect we’ll find out more pretty quickly.

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I have tested it out. It appears you see all availability at once instead of having personally reserved times. This can be good, for example I was having FOP and Navis pop up during non-drop times which was exceedingly rare before. But, if you don’t click on a time immediately, you get a “sorry that is no longer available” message when you do. This never happened under the old system.

So, the good news is:

  1. you can see all available options, which could be particularly great at 30 or 60 days.
  2. refresh is still helpful because FP are moving in and out of the system all the time. And now you have a better chance of seeing it them. So refresh was giving me new options.

The bad news is:

  1. you have to move fast/be lucky and be the first to pick up a time;
  2. this means a lot more moving back and forth between screens when using a refresh strategy because of the number of times you get the error message;
  3. the same day drops will probably get picked up much more quickly as everybody will see them;
  4. there is a glitch right now where the “confirm” page is sometimes giving people a different time than they selected. This is a no good glitch.

I think there is real upside here but it is a whole new world. I think selecting anytime and then modifying becomes WAY more important. Having the ride you want at the top of the screen, instead of having to scroll down to find it will definately give you a few second edge.


What about just using the website? I’ve been using this since it’s less glitchy.

According to the thread it’s the same there.

The web and old versions of the app are all working the same way (i.e. showing all available FP). I cannot say if the web has the same glitch of moving people’s times.

Great strategy! So if I go ahead and use this method, does that mean there would be no point in sticking to my personalised TP?

Thanks! I really hate the times I was able to get for some of my rides, everything early morning was already booked. I had to change most my selections FP+, making all that work planning my desired touring plans useless. My plan is to be early for rope drop to make up for the late fast pass selections.

So it sounds like its safe to hit modify and pick an earlier time without loosing your FP+ time. It was not clear to me that we could modify without risking our current selection.

This gives me some hope, but really its just nice to know that once were in line for our third choice we can begin picking our next one. Thanks for posting this info!


Does this work with no rope dropping Extra EMH

It works at any time. There are no FP during EMH anyway.


What happens if you miss your FP reservation regarding your ability to make additional ones? Do you have to modify it or can you let it be “used” so that you have the ability to make a tier 1 FP after you use your other tier 2 and your tier 1 FP?

If your tier 2s were before your tier 1, or at least the one you miss was, then usually it counts as used and you can book another tier 1. Not always though. So it’s safer to tap in and then not ride - that way it’s definitely used.

Sometimes if you aren’t in the park yet when your tier 2 expire, that also stops them from counting as used. So you could have a problem if you book your tier 1 for 12, intending to get to the park at that time, and book your tier 2s at 9 and 10 so you can get another tier 1 immediately after the first. You will often find that you have to rebook those tier 2s.


Hubby and I are touring Sep 16-20, 2019. We plan on HS on a Wednesday from 6 am - 3ish. Only booked one fast pass for HS (can’t do motion rides). Once we complete our FP that morning, can I book FP for another park (MK) that we will hop to later that day (while still in HS)? Am I able to only book 1 or can I book 2 since I had only originally booked 1 in advance? Thanks.

This is something that for the life of me I cannot commit to memory. I will ask someone else to chime in on this. I never answer it correctly!

If you only book one you should be able to book two. There have been reports that you can book two in two different parks if you wanted to!

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Thank you