How to maximize the FPP system to minimize ALL of your waits – not just the first three


Thank you! Okay that’s what I was thinking…


I was off property on my recent trip so knew a 7DMT FPP would likely not be available. My solution was to do a BOG breakfast. The ADR has proven quite useful for me - you may be able to use it to snag one even this late in the game. You do not have to order a full meal for everyone - so can keep the cost quite low. Just an option if you want to be a step in front of the masses.


This is AWESOME. Makes sense to me. #1 You actually addressed the question that I had about FOP - thanks! #2 Never thought about grabbing a new FP once I tapped into the third!

I need to go adjust my FPs for May!


Most people don’t know this stuff. This is high level Disney Parks addict stuff.

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How likely is it that I’d be able to modify a SDD FPP to an earlier time? Are my chances better in the weeks before my trip or is it more likely I’ll be able to modify it that day? SDD is probably an exception, given its popularity, so how about with other rides - how easy/hard is it to modify to an earlier time before your trip vs day of?


SDD is a toughie but nothing is impossible. Look often and I bet you can get it moved up

7D and FOP are similar

The rest have pretty good luck


FT sfl


??? :rofl: can you translate please? I’m stumped!


I’m reading Full Time save for later

But that’s a complete guess


Following this. Save for later?


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Does anyone know how many true days in advance you can theoretically book a FP? I know you get 60 days in advance for staying on property and I know some people actually get more than the 60 days by booking a 7 day res before the first park day which would make their lead time 67 days.

My question is, what is the maximum amount of lead time possible? (fake scenario here) but if I book a 60 day long hotel res and only go to the park on day 59 of my hotel stay, would than then mean I get to reserve FP 119 days in advance? (again fake scenario)


74 is the unbreakable maximum.


Interesting stuff!

So are we able to view whih FP are available 74 days in advance? I looked on the TP FP avail and it only shows until May 31


In general, just about everything is available until 64 days out or so. This resource might help you as well:


super helpful, thank you!


on a day when the park opens at 9 am, would you book your first FPP at 10am or would you bump it earlier?


I would stick with the 10am.


Thank you! I am sure you have heard this a lot, but this post is SO helpful! Especially as I am already in overthinking mode!


You’re quite welcome. I’m so glad so many have found it helpful.