How to maximize the FPP system to minimize ALL of your waits – not just the first three


Thanks. That sounds like a great strategy. There will only be four of us so we will hopefully have good luck. Last time I did all the refreshing for the whole family. This time I might as well enjoy the scenery (and a beverage) and let the kids go hunting for me since they’ll be on their phones anyway.


My pleasure.


I feel like there should be a Maximize FPP Olympics, listening to you guys!


That would be fun!


I’m an amateur but I’m in! Along with Tweak your TP Olympics!


Thank you, I have always wondered. I have been able sometimes to get limited extra fast passes but never booked my fast passes in the early morning hours because waits are usually less then. But next time I will try this strategy. Again, thank you.


Please tell me the schedule of when disney drops more fast passes!


From what I’ve heard FoP drops at 11:01, 1:01, 3:01, and 5:01. Epcot drops Soarin’ and Test Track at 11:30, 1:30, and 3:30 and Hollywood Studios drops Toy Story, Alien Saucers or Rock n Roller Coaster at 12:00 and 2:31.


What does it mean they drop FP? Is that the time they become available for later use in the day, or is that the time slot for FP use? For example you say FOP drops at 11:01am. Does this mean if I check on MDE at 11:01am on the dot, FOP FP are available for… say, 2pm, 3pm, etc. Or does this mean that extra FP for FOP are available for the 11-12pm time slot only starting at 11:01am? So I would have to ride between 11:01-12pm?


They dump a while bunch of FPP into the system for a variety of times.


On my day in AK we saw mostly a 2 hour turn around. Saw 1 to 3ish times when checking at 11 (still holding a NRR so didn’t book then). Then saw 5 to 6:30/7ish times when we checked at 3:01. Those we booked.


The former. If Disney figures out there are extra FP’s for later in the afternoon or evening, they will add them to MDE at those times for whoever comes in first. If you’re on right then and there, you can score one.


I have tried this strategy. It really works. The only problem is we were in the middle of the summer so it can be hot navigating and criss crossing around. My TP did not like my booking 3 fast passes early either. Has anyone followed an optimized TP and did this strategy? I am new to TP. This will be my first trip using someone else’s plan than mine.:hushed: I am nervous. My SO does not think I will be able to give up that much control over the day in a fully optimized plan. lol
I wish they had a TP for getting back to hotel after park close. lol. It has taken us more than an hour and a
half some nights. :weary:


Is there a schedule for when they drop SDMT FPP?




Does this method work during holiday high crowd times? How do you personally choose the rides you fast pass? Do you try to get ones that are near each other so you aren’t going back and forth? We are planning on rope dropping and are doing one afternoon and a full day in MK.


See above. Yes but obviously in limited capacity


I know of one other way, and that is to put your actually have your first FP at say 915am, the 2nd would be at 1115 and your 3rd at 1215pm. In this manner, you would use your 1st FP at 910am, and as soon as you have scanned to go on it, you would try to modify one of the other rides. If you can get it modified to say 915am. Doesn’t matter which one you modify. You then try to modify the last one, as soon as you scan your band for the 2nd FP that you now would have. Now try to modify your last fp to a time much closer, say it is 920am when you get on, you would try to modify your 3rd FP to 9:25am. You can even change the ride you are getting the FP for.

Will it always work?

No, however it can and the reason it can work is because of the extra hour between the 1st and 2nd FP. Where this wouldn’t work very well is if you had, say 7DMT as the 2nd or 3rd one. Be very hard to modify that to an earlier time that day, but you never know.

I’m not saying that it is perfect but it is a variation on what you were doing.


This is great! I have Tweens and right now I have FPs for the 3 mountains at MK but don’t finish up until 2:45 for our last FPP. We have never ridden Mine Train b/c the line has been too long. So even though it is showing this ride as “no more FPs” as of today are you saying I should switch to 3 of the earliest FP times (even for rides we don’t really care for) with the hopes that when we finish up our rides they will release more FPs for rides we want like Mine Train? I was planning on rope dropping that ride. Since we are 30 days out currently and staying off site I may have missed the boat for Day 1 at the parks but would like to plan accordingly for our other parks which would require me to book them at 7am tomorrow.


I would do your priority rides even if they are later (ie 7D) because although possible to get as add-on there is no guarantee and I don’t think fourth and beyond are worth sacrificing priorities. Try modifying them to earlier times but don’t sacrifice them.