How to maximize the FPP system to minimize ALL of your waits – not just the first three


It’s for the next calendar day, but a quick stop at the concierge should fix that pretty easily.


THANK YOU! What a great tip!


What I realized is once you’d tapped into your first FP you can modify your second too, Then do the same with your third. If your first FP is 09:00. you can potentially push your second to 09:30. then your 3rd to 10:00. You could have a 4th FP before 11:00!!!

I kept this quiet for years. Don’t all be doing it in Feb 26th when i’m there for 2 wees! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Game on! This is totally our approach too. We can share success stories, or figure out when we nicked each other’s desired FPPs :smiley:


Is it worth using this strategy AND trying a touring plan? or just letting the fastpass availability control where you go?


If it was my only day I would have a touring plan and use the FPP to help you.

If it was an extra day or you’ve been several times and are just up for an adventure then just the FPP


Does this work on a crowd level 10 day?


Probably not as effectively as in a CL5 day but yes.


Hey mods (@PrincipalTinker @missoverexcited), any way we can get this one pinned? It’s super useful and I find myself referring others to it quite often…


I don’t think we have permissions to do that, but let us look into it.



Oh turns out we do! Is that pinned now?


It is! Awesome, Thanks!


I just snagged extra FPPs for a party of 6 on a CL10 at MK and at AK. We literally did not wait longer than 20 for anything all day. Modify and refresh are straight magic.

Probably could have snagged more but we were trying not to bounce around the park too much because we had a pregnant lady and a 2.5 yo with us.


What did you get extra FPs for?


We went in with ETWB, IASW, and Splash. We picked up Winnie the Pooh, and Mad Tea Party that we actually used.

We could have picked up Magic Carpets, BTMRR, Buzz, and Meet Tink. Because of Parade, dinner plan and deciding to not stay until close we let them pass by.

At AK, we didn’t have to worry too much about them just because our focus was shows and we went in with passes for KS, Mickey and Minnie and NRJ. We did pick up FOP using the current schedule of when they drop new ones. I did see Dinosaur and EE pop up with later times when I was searching for just a party of 2 but didn’t keep looking to see if I could have gotten everyone in.


Someone talk to me about having more than one person FPP hunting at a time. We have two teenagers who will have their faces in their phones anyway. I’d like to put them to good use. Do they need their own MDE profiles or can we all be signed in as me at the same time on all the phones?


You can all sign in on yours


I’ve not done it before with everyone signing in on one MDE, but I have had others in our group searching for FPP on their own MDE, but for the whole group. Even more effectively, we have 2 people looking for FPP, each having selected different halves of our group. So if we are a party of 12, person A does the first half of the group while person B is doing the second half of the group simultaneously, talking and coordinating about what they were seeing and reserving. I just felt like had more luck with this than when we were looking for the larger group all together