How to maximize the FPP system to minimize ALL of your waits – not just the first three


What? How could you POSSIBLY give up a TSMM slot? Are you crazy?!?



Just out of curiosity, did you give it up because it was later in the day and you wanted to try to pack in more FP’s through modify? I’m trying to understand what would motivate cancelling a high demand tier 1.


It wasn’t @ryan1 who gave it up. It was @SneakyPete.


Basically I had dreamed up this same strategy of using as many FPP as I could and I somehow thought that any ride would be available if I refresh/modify enough. I was wrong. You know what they say: “no touring plan survives first contact with the enemy”


This raises a question. Do you have to be in the park to get the free FP? Lets say I’m done for the day in MK and I’m going to Epcot tomorrow. Can I book a FP for TT for end of the day today, If TT is out of service at park closing will I automatically get an anytime FP or would I need to show up to get the FP?


You will automatically get it.

I had FEA booked for a couple of evenings, in case we decided to go to Illuminations that night. Forgot to cancel them one day whilst we were out on a shopping day or somewhere out of WDW. So when we got back we just stayed at the resort. Suddenly DS says “Mum, I just got an anytime FP, apparently Frozen is down”. They were good for the next day, any park, pretty much any ride, since it was after 6pm.


You don’t need to be in the park. FP most likely has to be in the last hour of operation to get next day FP if ride goes down/


Awesome! Thank you!


I have been able to get FPP for TT on the same day. I also got extra Safaris FPP.


I just stumbled on this thread, so I might be a little late to the party - but I’d love to read a post on park hopping w/ FP+ tips…


When you do this, do you use a TP at all? I can’t imagine all the variables up in the air at any point which would let you meaningfully create one ahead of time.


I keep one just in case. But it goes by the wayside as we have success


Additional thought: Some FP+ ‘sell out’ before other FP+’s. So, may not be a bad idea to prioritize preselected FPP’s additIonal, sam day FP+’s




Thank you


I don’t know how accurate this one is now, but there was an Update 3 to the FastPass availability blog post.


Has anyone tried this with a party of 8 or 10?


We did a party of 7 and found it to be “sort of accurate.” The biggest issue was the predicted crowd levels were quite a few off (mostly 5’s and 6’s actually being 7’s and 8’s but one 5 was actually a 9). And you don’t know what actual level it is until the day-of FP’s are all gone anyway.


So, if you end up with a FPP for the ‘next day’, is that literally the next day or is it YOUR next day? What if the next day is your Disney Springs or pool day?

Also, is that anytime FPP good at any park or only the park that you were in? And what happens if you don’t have hoppers, but end up with a ‘next day FPP’?


It’s typically the next consecutive day. I imagine a visit to guest services might help if you had other plans but no guarantee