How to maximize the FPP system to minimize ALL of your waits – not just the first three

Thank you so much for this @OBNurseNH. I plan on using this when our fam of 5 goes in Sept. I’ve already prepped my DH that I will be on my phone alot but it will be for this and not FB!

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Backside of Magic podcast covered the park closing FP strategy to get a next day FP.

Basically you want to book a FP at a ride likely to breakdown at the end of the day. A FP should be booked even if you will not be in the parks.

What rides breakdown? Len helped the podcast with fantastic statistics on breakdown frequency, length of breakdown, and last hour breakdowns .

What to Do When a Disney World Ride Breaks Down


Not a bad strategy as you get to the end of the night. But also one I would not rely on. I would do this only if I was heading out anyway and not needing/wanting to ride anything else that evening.

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Agreed. And it doesn’t always work. We had an 8.30pm SSE I’d picked up as we were eating dinner at Yachtsman but when we got there at 8.45 it was down - we were told we could use our FP on Nemo, we didn’t get an anytime one.

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Exactly! If you book a Test Track FP on your way out of the park you have almost a one in four odds of getting a free next day FP.

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How often does Test Track have FP’s left at the end of the day?

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That’s a very good point. Might be scarce being a tier 1.

Great explanation! Worked like a charm when we were at MK on Easter. We could have had more FPP but my crew was tired and exhausted by 6pm. :slight_smile: Modify if your best friend when in the parks.


We’ve, family of 3, had a lot of success using this strategy. We typically are able to ride 8+ rides at MK using FP+, slightly less at the other parks. My best story using the modify, modify, modify strategy was from last November at AK. My wife was not feeling well and went back to the hotel. My 7 yr old daughter and I were able to ride FOP 2 extra times, Navi River, Everest and Safari at sunset by grabbing extra FP’s after the first 3.


So once you tap into your reserved 1, you can only make one at a time after that In hopped to park? You couldn’t tier1, tap, make a tier 1 and tier 2 in second park? Is that right? But if there are no tiers at Second park can you book more than one after you tap into your 1?

All extras are one at a time


If you only reserve 1, you can book 2 in the same park, another park or 2 different parks. Only 1 tier 1 in the same park till you’ve used your first 3 though.


Yes this.

I assumed they meant extras.

I would suggest that, in a tiered park, you want to use your single Tier 1 first, as the possibility of modifying your Tier 2 FPs when you tap in is higher than trying to bring your Tier 1 forward for an early-day slot.

After your third, the tier rules no longer apply.


If you have booked just one or two in the first park and want to park hop:

  • you can book the remaining ones up to your initial three in one or two further parks.

  • those must obey the tiering rules within the second park (so one tier 1 and one tier 2, or two tier 2).

  • if booked in two further parks, both can be tier 1.

  • as soon as you have booked and used those initial three FPs, the rest are one at a time, in any park and any tiers.

After @OBNurseNH did her thread, I did wonder if people would like me to do one on this topic of park hopping, and how to check for availability in a different park etc. It might take a couple of days, I don’t have a lot of time at the moment, but happy to do it if people would find it useful. ???


I also read a similar strategy where you leave a gap between your 1st and 2nd FPP and then modify your 3rd into the gap so you can roll a 4th earlier.


Yes, I assume I’ll just do 3 in the first park bc I get confused easily, lol. And it’s only our 2nd time to disney, 1st time with hoppers. But on our last day I’d like to try to parhopping fast pass thing!


Aren’t most tier 1’s usually gone before you could snag them by "tap then hop"ping?

TT and Soarin are usually possible. Plus Illuminations.

Right now, it looks like TSMM would be possible too.


I warn every hopeful that the objective of this strategy is clearly stated as minimizing waits. It doesn’t mean you get to visit every attraction you want. If you are dead set on meeting Elena or Tiana you might end up with crying kid if things don’t go your way. Modify has its limits and they don’t go along with kids who sometimes have unreasonable demands even while they are at the happiest place on earth.

I once gave up a TSMM slot and was never able to recover it. I still don’t hear the end of it.