How’s May? And Wilderness Lodge?

WL started by saying if you want a beer at 7am, just ask- no judgement. At night they put out a number of pots of food (a soup every night), pasta, chicken, etc. They also had smaller selections, cheese, salads, breads. All food was fresh and plentiful.

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Thanks for the info!! How did you find the transportation? I guess that our only concern. With two little kids Uber won’t be an option.

The boat to MK is my favorite way to arrive. The buses are good and the times in MDE help.


Your a great spokesperson. I’m sold. Thanks!!

Now when to go!!!


Just went this past May 4-10th…The temperature was 82-89 degrees F. The humidity was high especially for us Californians but it was still doable. We slept in so we never got to the parks before 11am so no time for a break during the afternoon heat. We just planned a late lunch in A/C to escape the heat and humidity. The CLs were between 3-4, but at MK the CL 4 seemed more like a 6.
I would definitely do early May again.
I have never stayed at Wilderness Lodge but the lobby is incredible!


Thank you!

@disneygirl8710 There are ways to use rideshare with little kids. Uber has a car seat option and now there is the Lyft Minnie Vans that have car seats. Here’s a lot of info about it:

No one can promise you what the weather will be this far out, but…

We’ve been once in April, May, and June, respectively. May was the Goldilocks month. April had some chill (had to wear a hoodie for Wishes!), and June was a blast furnace. May was quite warm, but comfortable. And like you, we don’t endure heat well (Canadian), so if I say comfortable, I really mean it.

Wilderness Lodge is my favourite resort. Love the theming. Love that everything is under one roof. Good transportation. I don’t advocate for the boats as much as PrincipalTinker, but they’re there and in the right circumstances have great utility and make for a cool pleasant relaxing option. Wilderness Lodge ticks a lot of boxes.

Ask for ketchup at Whispering Canyons! Take the Wilderness Lodge morning tour!

We went this year May 14-21. A few days were hot but manageable. It was generally nice in the shade and nice when there was a breeze. We did take mid-day breaks (traveling with a 4yo) to swim and rest. Evenings were lovely. It was humid. Love bugs were starting to die off. I would go back again during this time. Crowds were great - way less crowded than February.

We’ve been in early May for the last ten years or so - it’s one of our favorite times of year at WDW. Warm, but not too humid. Crowds are relatively low (although there is no truly slow season anymore) - expect CL 3-5.

As far as Wilderness Lodge, we have stayed in their DVC accommodations a few times (Copper Creek is one of my absolute favorites) but never in the “actual hotel”, so I can’t comment on those rooms specifically. However, the resort itself is absolutely beautiful, with a very tranquil vibe. Lots of good food options, and both pools are very nice. There is also a splash pad for younger kids by the main pool. We’ve never had a problem with transportation (we rely entirely on Disney transport when we’re there) and DD especially loves the boats to and from MK. We’ve also taken the boat from Wilderness Lodge to Fort Wilderness a few times since DD loves the ponies and larger play area there. Very straight forward on the blue flag boats, which go between the resorts. Nice break for the grownups too. :slight_smile:

WL is MY FAVE. Love it there

Thank you!! We used the Minnie vans last time but I’m
Glad there are more options!

Thank you!

It does look like a great hotel for our kids, will be 3.5 and6.5.

I’m glad to hear positive things about transportation. Last time we were at Poly and found it so convenient.

Something else about WL… it’s essentially an attraction in and of itself. Other resorts have beautiful grounds (Poly, Caribbean, POR). Impressive lobbies (GF, AK). Great pools (BC/YC). But WL, there’s actually stuff right in the building(s) TO DO, to keep you occupied, that doesn’t involve renting something (like a surrey bike). Check out the many display cases with the museum pieces and plaques. Ask at the front desk for the hidden mickey scavenger hunt checklist. The place is replete with hidden Mickeys. The great fireplace with the striations of rock that exactly match the Grand Canyon. Park yourself in the nook on the fourth floor overlooking the lobby, with your own fireplace. The geyser. The trains at Boulder Ridge.

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That’s great info— thank you! I didn’t know about the hidden Mickey scavenger hunt. That would be fun!

It is fun! Perfect for a rainy day activity… though in truth we did it on a clear sky pool day when we felt we’d had enough sun.

Yea sounds like a good sun break too. Thank you!

I have been 3 times in May - beginning, middle, and end - and it was HOT each time (mid 90’s) but not unbearably humid.

Wow mid 90s…

So when we went Nov 1 last year it was low 80s as a high. Is that more April weather?
The love bugs are kinda making me rethink May.