How’s May? And Wilderness Lodge?

How’s the weather in the beginning of May? Say first week? Mulling over the idea of a quick 3 park day trip next year. Is it really hot already?


I was there May 1st this year and it was already mid-90s + the heat from all the asphalt.

Wow! That’s hot…

I’d like to miss spring break crowds. Hmm :thinking:

And would love to see flower and garden… but we Don’t do great in heat.

I’ve been in May a couple of times. Once it was mid to upper 80s and the other was low 90s. No rain for either trip. It was hot but not unbearable. I love May for the slightly lower crowds and Flower and Garden.


We went in May once. No rain, but it was in the 90’s. We still had a great time. We always go in the summer, though.

Was there the first week of May and it wasn’t that bad. 80s-90s, but low humidity and therfore very comfortable. Just take mid-day breaks and you’re golden.

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Ok we can
Do heat with low humidity. Maybe even
End of April.

DH got really excited when I sent him
A pic of Wilderness Lodge. Is that a good place to Stay? Most of our time will be at MK.

h’oh yeah. :slight_smile:

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Wilderness Lodge is awesome to stay, especially if you are doing lots of MK. The boat is great transportation to MK

Wilderness Lodge is a great resort!

Great Inwas thinking threepark
Days 2 MK 1 AK but if we do spring— I have to see flower and garden. So need to squeeze in Epcot.

The pool looks fun and I keep reading the glowing recs for food there.

There are two pools and they are both great. There are hot tubs next to both pools. The QS in the main building is small but good.

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I agree. It was mid to upper 80s but not humid so tolerable. Low crowds though. We only had a small 20 minute rain and a 5 minute pop up shower.


Is the geyser point the quick service?

Geyser Point is outside near the pool. It is a bar area and QS. There is also a bar menu. To sit, most times you need to check in and get seated. This threw us off since the first 4 times we stayed there it was different. Inside the main building there is a QS (Roaring Fork), TS- Artist Point, and a Lounge -Territory Lounge.

Another question for you—. Does the rooms matter there or are they all
The same? I’m not particularly worried about view, although not a parking lot would be
Nice. We did do Club level at Poly…
Not sure what to go for at this resort.

Looking st the crowd calendar that first week of May is incredible— like 1-4s! I know it will change but compared to April’s 6 and 8s… hmm how much hotter will those two week difference be?

The rooms at WL will be smaller than Poly. I will tell you that I thought WL club level was 10x better than Poly.

Really? What was there signature food like? We found it convenient grabbing snacks abd such…