How to use Uber, Lyft and Minnie Van in Orlando/Disney World (plus get discounts for new riders)

If you plan to use Uber, Lyft or Minnie Van service as airport transportation to/form your resort, or to get from place to place In-World, here is some info you can use and some promotion codes to save money if you are a new rider with either company. The Promos Codes below are only valid for riders that have never used the service before, but all the other info below is useful for anyone using any of these services.

TIP 1: If you used the service before but you are traveling with someone who hasn’t, have them create an account which will allow you to use these codes.

TIP 2: If you have kids that need a car seat it’s best if you are able to provide them. However if you don’t have them, make sure to select the service that has a Car Seat included! (ie. “UberX + Car Seat”) You will pay extra for this. So if you have your own seats with you, use them with a regular Uber/Lyft. Also, they typically will only have one car seat, so if you have more than one kid that needs it, you’ll certainly have to bring your own. (Info on Florida Car Seat Laws) Lyft does not offer a car seat service at this time. You can also choose the Minnie Van service which has up to 3 car seats available (see below).

TIP 3: If you have 4 people and a lot of bags, you’ll likely need a UberXL/LyftXL car so you and your stuff will fit. If you have more than 4 people and a lot of bags, you may need two cars to get everyone and everything to fit, so keep that in mind when you summon the ride. You also might consider using the Minnie Van service which touts “Each vehicle accommodates up to 6 Guests & 8 medium-sized suitcases”


  • You can get cost estimates in the app or by going here.
  • Click here for Info on “UberFamily” (getting a ride with one child car seat).
  • Detailed MCO (Orlando International Airport) Uber pickup info can be found here.
  • Deal: Offer varies by date and location of sign-up.
  • How to use: In the Uber app, go to “Payment” from the menu, then “Add Promo/Gift Code”


  • You can get cost estimates in the app or by going here:
  • Lyft does not currently have an option with a child car seat, so you must supply your own, if needed. (Or use Minnie Van service. See below).
  • Detailed MCO (Orlando International Airport) Lyft pick-up info can be found here.
  • Deal: Offer varies based on date and location of sign-up. Savings may be spread out over multiple rides.
  • How to use: In the Lyft app, go to the “Promos” link from the menu, then follow instructions to enter the code.

Minnie Van

  • This service is actually provided by Disney, vehicles are Disney-owned & Disney-operated even though the service is used via the Lyft app.
  • You can attempt to use the promo code listed above for Lyft, however it may not be honored for Minnie Van rides.
  • The good thing about this service is that each vehicle accommodates up to 6 Guests and “is equipped with 2 versatile car seats” for transport In-World or “can be equipped with up to 3 complimentary car seats” for Airport Transport. (This according the their website as of 5/13/2019).
  • The cost will vary based on the time, distance or number of people within Disney World.
  • The cost to go from Orlando International Airport (MCO) to your Disney resort (or vice versa) is flat $155 (as of 2/15/2020) and must be booked in advance by phone - can not be booked via the Lyft app. Follow link in next line for phone number.
  • Hours of operation, phone number for airport reservations and more info can be found on the Disney website.

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Nice. Thanks for sharing. I’ve never used either, but we’re thinking we will on our next trip to WDW.

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Just added some info above.

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Hi! What do you know about getting a free first ride for inviting a friend? I saw this on their website and I am new to Uber so I am not really clear on this. Any suggestions on how to reduce cost of trip to airport? Thanks. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

They say “free” but the fine print is “up to a certain dollar amount.” Usually $5 to $25. As a rider, you’d have a referral code that you could find in the app that you’d give to your friends. They are only good for first-time riders, like the codes listed above.


Thank you!

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Updated info above to show info on UberFamily

Any idea of the typical cost for airport to WDW?

  • You can get cost estimates in the app or by going here.

Here’s my tip (from experience)

If you are an international visitor, with Uber, make sure to set up the App and account prior to leaving your country of origin.

I was over there and wanted to set up an account for Uber, however I didn’t have mobile roaming on. It forces you to get a code via an SMS to register in. Without access to my mobile # I was unable to to get the code. It landed me in a bit of a pickle.

Thanks for the tip! I’m adding it to the top of this post.

Anyone use Uber or Lyft lately and care to share their experience? It may be helpful to others.

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Updates: According to the Lyft/Uber websites, both Lyft and Uber (regular rides) can now pick up from both airports.

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Thanks for the heads-up! Looks like you are correct. I’ll update the info at the top of this thread accordingly.

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Just validated that all the links in the top of this thread are still valid.

@adamwsh ~ Any detail updates on Lyft for 2018?

I updated the service level name for LyftPlus which is now LyftXL. Also updated the discount code for Lyft. Other than that, not much has changed.


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Be very careful which promo code you use for Uber and Lyft. You get one shot each as a new user. Lots of people post codes online that will give you a small bonus — and they get a bonus, too.

But if you go direct or shop around you can get a big bonus. This year I got $10 off my first five rides from Uber. Last year I got $5 off my first ride from Uber because I’m an idiot and used a promo code that someone posted in a forum and they were basically just harvesting new users so they’d get massive kickbacks from Uber for themselves.

@profmatt, a lot of it has to do with the city in which the new rider signs up. A single code may be worth $20 in one city but $5 in another. And neither Uber or Lyft are very up front about that. They also change the value all the time, probably based on where they are trying to get more riders. You really won’t know for sure what your discount is until you try to sign up. The code I posted above for Lyft used to give $10 off each of the first 5 rides (total $50) in Philly. Now it’s worth only $5. And you’re right, as I mentioned above this is a one-time thing for New Riders only. But as my tip states above, if there are two people in a family with different cell phones, and one hasn’t created an account yet, you can use that phone to create a new account and get the discount.