How reliable is getting tickets from Undercover tourist?

I have been looking for the lowest ticket price and I have found them to be the lowest so far. Has anybody ever had any issue with them? I don’t want to pay that much money and later find out that there was an issue.

Also, has anybody ever gotten a room from David’s Vacation club? I am thinking about getting a room from David’s at the WIlderness Lodge. I’ve head nothing that makes me question it, but I’ve heard getting a room might be difficult.

Thanks in advance.

I have often bought tickets from UT and had great customer service.

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I’ve used Undercover Tourist numerous times for both Universal tickets and WDW tickets. Never had an issue whatsoever.

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Thanks! I’m getting ready to make it official. Now, to just get the room!

I’m hoping to use David’s to get a 1-bedroom from Bay Lake Tower when we go…but it is too far out still. I’m curious to hear how it goes for you! Keep us posted.

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My trip is in November of 2019, so it’s still a little too far out for that too. I’m just hoping to get something, because the week we go is supposed to be a very busy week since its Thanksgiving.

I bought our tickets (3 day park to park) to Universal from UT for our last trip. It was easy, saved some money and the tickets arrived quickly. I had a few questions, (mostly nerves!) and Customer Service was very informative and put my mind at ease. Go for it!


Very reliable - The only way I go these days

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several times, probably 8 times over the last 6 years, always excellent experiences. Linking reservations to MDE, and check in have always gone without a hitch…you do need to follow up with them regarding DME if you are planning to use that - which we have and that has also been problem free.

the only negative I’d say is that they have become quite popular, so it’s gotten tougher to get a long stay (8-9 nights) all at the same resort (except AKL) unless you pay the home resort premium (depending on the time of year, of course)

we’ve done split stays recently because of this (ie 4 nights at BW, 4 nights at BC)

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First time using DVC rental store in September, but so far they have been extremely attentive and helpful. From what I hear, both Davids and DVC store are comparable


I’ve booked with David’s for February 2019. I submitted my request as soon as it was allowed and had my confirmation within 3 weeks. AKL 2 bedroom standard view. ( Hoping to get some view of the Animals by using the TP room guide). I chose to pay the higher price to book at 11 months vs 7 because the cost savings wasn’t enough to sacrifice my sanity :joy:
My only concern is the inability to insure the trip but that wasn’t enough to stop me.
Recently on the TP podcast Brian mentioned that he has used David’s several times without any issues.

we’ve insured our trips booked through Davids every time, and even had to collect on it once when a major blizzard at home stranded us in WDW for 3 days past our check out date

we were reimbursed 100% for everything for those 3 days (accommodations, meals and incidental expenses)

The insurance offered by David’s is only for Americans. Disney also only allows Americans to insure parts of your trip like the dining plan etc.

that’s unfortunate…

I know.
Me: take my money please
America: ewww, no.

They probably see the risk too high for out-of-country guests. I could see that. Higher costs in general, and more potential “problem points” for something to go wrong, not to mention legal implications to figure out.

Do you have a room there estimate of how much David’s saves you? I have never rented DVC and for some reason feel really nervous about it. I usually book through MVT, but as we continue to go to Disney, I’m on the look out for more affordable ways to get there.

they have a cost calculator right on the site

we’ve rented from them many times over the last 6 or 7 years and never had a single problem

Well, if it helps…

My wife and I are planning our 25th wedding anniversary trip in 2020. For the first time since our honeymoon, we will be staying on property. And, since we wanted this to be special, and since I have ALWAYS wanted to stay at the Contemporary (I mean, who doesn’t want a Monorail right outside their door?), we pursued that route for budgeting.

Sticker shock!

Ok. But then, while Bay Lake Tower is not QUITE as convenient, we found that by getting a 1 bedroom (NOT Studio, which would save even more) in Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary instead of a regular Studio room in the main Contemporary Tower, it would actually be as much as roughly $1500 LESS. More space, less cost. Ring me up, baby!

Anyhow, that’s our current plan now, presuming it works out. Our backup plan will be to try through MVT instead. If we want to save even MORE we could try a Studio in Bay Lake Tower, but not really keen on that since the studio rooms are slightly smaller than in the main resort buildings, etc.


also, FYI - the BLT studios are about, if not THE smallest studios in all of the DVC properties