How many TPs are too many?

I feel like I’ve booked ADRs for every other hour for our week long January trip and now need to create a dozen possible TPs for each day we’re there in order to determine what to keep and what to cancel. Is that crazy? How many TPs per day do you each create in the manic-planning phase?

Hey! We are going in January too! I currently have two TP’s for parks that might have extra magic hours. So one TP with magic hours, one without. We don’t have a ton of ADRS… only 4 for our trip. But if I were to be in your situation, I think i’d only do 2 variations of your TPs if possible. Maybe one TP with restaurants you are most sure about, and a second TP with some of your not-so-sure ones.

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If you have the time, there is no limit! I usually do 1 main TP with notes as to items I may move or change

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Are you familiar with “The Greatest Showman” and more specifically the song “Never Enough”? Because that’s your answer right there.

In all honesty though, make as many as you need to in order to account for the the dining scenarios you have. Just make sure you have a naming convention for them that is clear & easy to see just by looking at the titles without having to open & read any description/notes.


Making touring plans is so much fun! :grinning:


You may want to see how the new “Activate” feature affects your ability to keep multiple versions of a plan, each of them under the “original” plan. This may help keep your Dashboard more organized and easier to sort through.


Yesss! Saw that this morning but hadn’t thought about it in this way! Great rec! Thanks.

Oh that’s great!

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A dozen seems a bit excessive, personally. Have you thought about listing your ADR choices here and letting us help you choose?

This “Activate” feature is NOT meant for storing different versions of plans for any significant amount of time. Please do not do that.

I’ll add a note to the “New Personalized Touring Plan Feature” thread: New Personalized Touring Plan Feature: Activate Previous Optimize/Evaluate Result

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My apologies.
I really should read the instruction manual before I just started tinkering.
Thanks for the new feature (as well as your patience with this end user)!



this…I have had as many as 5 or 6 per day and not just revolving around adrs, but yes be clear in naming

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cannot love this enough

thank you

There’s absolutely no need to apologize, and there’s no manual. :slight_smile: However we envision that tools will be used, folks end up using them in surprising ways, and it’s good to learn that. I’ll likely add some text on the plan page to clarify the short-lived nature of the listed calculations.

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