New Personalized Touring Plan Feature: Activate Previous Optimize/Evaluate Result

Hello Planners,

Today we added a feature to the website version of our Personalized Touring Plan software (this feature is not currently available in the Lines apps). The goal here is to offer a sort of “undo” functionality for those who optimized a plan and did not like its result. The way this is implemented, we basically allow you to “Activate” the results of a previous Optimize or Evaluate action on a plan.

If you’d like to use this, take a look at the bottom of your plan. There, you should see a table that lists recent Optimize/Evaluate actions with clickable links that let you “Activate” one of them.

Note that we only save a plan’s state when you click Optimize or Evaluate. If you edit a meal time or delete a step without afterwards clicking Optimize or Evaluate, you are not going to be able to revert to that state.

Also note that there are some hazards in activating an old Optimize/Evaluate result; wait time forecasts, show times, park hours, and much else might have changed since you performed that action, so you may get a strange result. Use this feature cautiously. And, as always, I encourage you to Optimize/Evaluate (whichever is appropriate for your plan) as close as possible to your touring date in order to take advantage of the latest information.

Enjoy! If you run into problems with this new tool, please “Submit a Request” on our Help site (


This is great!

I have a feeling that this is going to make a lot of people very happy!

Thank you! There’s been a few times I’ve optimized when what I meant to do was evaluate.

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This is so helpful! :grinning:Thank you!

This is really well implemented! It seems like even if I just evaluate a few times and realize that I’ve destroyed my own plan, I can go back to a previous version! Thank you! :sunglasses:


Thank You!

Yay! Been wanting this feature for a while now. :smiley:

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This sounds amazing. I’m going to try it out on some fake plans! Thanks to the TP team!

@david, can you tell us approximately how many versions will be listed?

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A maximum of 10 successful calculations for future dates are displayed. This is meant to help you recover from a recent change that you regret. If you instead want you to store different versions of a plan, I recommend that you copy the plan.



This will be great when just playing around with a plan, or hitting the wrong button, or even comparing an optimised plan with an evaluated one.

To be clear, the list of previous calculations is NOT meant to store different versions of plans for you to refer to over a long period of time. It is simply meant to allow you to recover from an Optimize/Evaluate that you did not like, and you should be able to realize that pretty quickly and revert to an older version.

We regularly purge non-primary plan calculation results; at present, those should last around 7 days, but they may be purged more regularly.

Please only count on the most recently activated (or calculated) Optimize/Evaluate surviving for the long-term.


Yay yay yaaaay

Yay! Thank you, thank you, thank you!



I agree

Wow, you keep making this better!

Thank You!!:heart::star_struck:

Thank you so much, we have all made a mistake making a plan and wishing we could go back.

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YES! This is awesome.