How Many RotR Boarding Groups in 7am lottery?

The Information you shared above is great. I have been reading all you shared here. In this you explained everything very well. thanks for the super helpful reply. I’m not sure how I missed that thread

Thanks to all

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Have you searched for the most recent information?

As @bebe80 alluded to, a lot has/is changing with RotR since this thread started in February. For right now at least, there are no boarding groups for RotR, only standby. So if you’re going this week the technique is totally different.

Genie+ rolls out on 10/19 - although I don’t think we know when the RotR will be eligible for paid Lightning Lane so things will change again when that happens. Depending on when your trip is you’ll need to plan to hit the moving target carefully unfortunately…

There was this report on chat today:

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