How Many Points?

Ok I’m entering dangerous territory … I’m starting to seriously think about buying in to DVC.

In the past I’ve been hesitant because it’s such a big fixed expense. I’d rather pay cash and maintain flexibility. But Disney has become such a big part of my life I’m sure I’d be able to get my money’s worth. Still, I’m going to wait until after my May trip to make any big decisions - I want to be sure this is something our family wants and will enjoy.

So this may be the first of several posts with questions I will have.

Question 1: How many points should I buy? Specifically, my question is on the margins.

Say I know exactly how many points I want for a specific week / villa type that will be our typical vacation choice. But obviously the exact number will change over the years. So am I better off buying a few more points than I need, or a few less?

If I’m short, my understanding is that you can buy single-use points from Disney to “top up” as the Brits say. But if I have a few extra, what can I do if I’m already fully banked? Can I rent out, say, 10 points? Or will I most likely lose them?

Other background: I will almost certainly buy resale since I don’t need all the incidental benefits and don’t trust that they’ll stay in place anyway. I’m thinking of BWV since it’s a resort I like with a good location, though we may book elsewhere sometimes. I plan to only use my points every 3 years, so I will bank and borrow to accumulate my points to Year 2.


Since you are going to buy resale, and since you already have a plan to bank/borrow and go every 3 years, and since the specific amount of points per room type and season change, I would look at the existing point charts, identify a range for the type of room and season of year you want, and then identify a RANGE of annual points you would need, and then buy the best resale contract (in terms of price and use year) that is available when you are ready, and don’t worry about, say 140 pts vs. 160 pts in a contract.

Once you drink the DVC Kool-aid, there is ALWAYS a way to use your points if there are a handful sitting there. Like me upgrading to a Poly lake view over standard view last week :slight_smile:


I agree. I would look at what a week (or how long you would stay) at the most expensive time of the year and your usual time.

I would also caution that you will need more points at some of the other resorts to stay the same length/room type.


This website makes it super easy to calc out how many points you would need depending on time of year and room type.

As far as number of points, get more than you think you need. You can always bank them forward if you don’t use them. On the next trip you would use those points first. Except for a global pandemic, it’s hard to lose points.


One other note, the 24 extra points you can buy to ‘top up’ can only be used at the 7 month mark. If you are counting on being able to buy extra to make that 11 month reservation window, you are out of luck. That said, I agree with everyone else to probably buy as much as you can afford to because the desire to add on is real!


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When calculating how many points you need, never look at the cheapest type of room either. So don’t do the calculation based on a standard view at BWV, look at the garden or Boardwalk view.

Get a few extra points. This year, for example they added a couple of seasons so some weeks went up and some went down.


I do think it’s silly we can’t use it at our home resort in that 7-11 month window since it’s essentially like a cash reservation at that point.


No matter how many you buy, it’s never enough :wink:

I do wish I had bought more points at the time, so now I’m sacrificing view and size for length of stay…which stinks. I’d honestly be better suited to take these tours I want and put them into DVC points, except I’m waiting to see what perks they bring back, if any, as well.

I haven’t met anyone that started off as Disney fans who then decided they didn’t like it. Even if they end up liking the thrill rides at UOR more, I’ve never heard them turn their backs on Disney all together. Even if that miraculously happens to you, you can always re-sell them.

I know how good you are at planning, so you might consider comparing to house rentals in the area as well. I found a few where I can stay off site for a month for what It would cost for a week on site. That way there’s no commitment and you can split the distance between WDW and UOR if needed. That being said, staying on site ROCKS and I really dislike when DH tries to talk me out of it.


That’s how I feel about staying offsite! :joy: Thankfully DW never tries to talk me out of anything lol. She is very frugal, maybe more so than me, but when I say “go” she knows it must be ok! :wink:

That said, in retirement when I can spend a month, I might consider offsite.


No no no. You’re doing it all wrong. Build up your points now so that when you retire you can “live” on-site for a month. For “free” ie no direct out of pocket cost. Because when you retire, your income will go down and you won’t have the money to pay for an off site place for that long.


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If you are calculating points at BW then definitely buy a decent buffer MORE than what you think you will need. BWV rooms are some of the lowest points in the system. If you want to stay at a newer, old resort (you won’t be able to stay at Riviera but no loss there) like Poly or GF you will need considerably more points.

Like others have said, I would not worry too much about having too many points, especially since it sounds like you plan to be borrowing ahead. You probably couldn’t rent 10 points, but you could easily rent a single night at the Boardwalk for 15-20 points. But you’ll probably just use them.

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