How many outfits do you pack?

This is silly, but I’m asking anyway - how many outfits per day do you pack? DH is saying he wants to bring 2 outfits per day, which works out to packing 13 outfits PER PERSON for our upcoming trip. I’m torn, b/c it’s going to be hot, and our entire family has skin issues (all fair skinned, eczema, allergies, DD is actually “allergic” to the sun, one of us is a redhead, etc), so the sweat & sunscreen is really not our friend. Obvious answer is to do laundry, but that seems depressing at Disney too. Anyhoo, just curious what other people do?

We usually overpack. At least 1outfit per day then 3-4 extra shirts, a couple extra shorts, long pants and long sleeve shirt (which we never wear). Kids clothes pack small and whenever they were little I would pack many extra outfits. Laundry is not so bad though if you need it. At POP laundry room is right by the pool.

We had a washer and dryer at OKW so next time I planning on packin 2 outfits per day ( we change for dinner) but just a weeks worth instead of 2.


-i pack 2 outfits for most days.

I pack as little as I think I can get away with. I have to get a flight off the little island I live on, collect bags then go from one side of the airport to the other to check in for the orlando flight, so like to have as few bags as possible to drag around.

Probably pack much less than one outfit per day.

Don’t mind doing laundry if staying at old key west. If staying at pop or somewhere, the pool bar makes it more bearable!

We packed 2 outfits per day and I will do the same for our upcoming trip. We liked to change before dinner. Fortunately, bags fly free on Southwest so I have a little leeway with how much I bring.

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They less you pack the more you can buy and come home with! Oh I forgot my Jacket I think I need to buy a new one LOL!


We do laundry on trips. We were there for 10 days last trip. 5 outfits per person.

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Too many!! Seriously downsizing next time!!

Two per day/person. We change after our pool break for the evening. Short of a change of clothes, is recommend extra underclothes if you are traveling in the warmer months…

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I always need extra shirts because I’m a notorious food nerd. That’s what we call it when I spill something while eating. I won’t do laundry on vacation, but I will re-wear things as long as they don’t smell bad. (TMI?)


I pack two outfits per day and then a few extra. We drive so we have a little more flexibility with number of bags.

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It depends on how long I’m staying. (Because I refuse to check luggage and need everything to fit in a carry on). If its a quick 3-4 day trip, 2 a day. Anything longer, one per day plus whatever else I can cram in there.

Well, we already know we’re checking luggage, so I guess we’ll just bring one more bag and make the boy child haul it. At least everyone seems in agreement! Funny thing is, DH’s clothes will take up the most room, since he wears those impossible to pack flat cargo shorts. (And @SallyEpp_cot, not TMI. I totally get you!)


I have been known to do laundry while away. But this trip seems like I am planning on a lot of busy days, so I don’t think I will be doing wash. 6 nights is my next trip.

Lots of socks and underware, a shirt per day plus maybe 3 extra, two or three pairs of shorts and two or three pairs of pants, oh and my favorite rain parka, bathing suit, and this time extra shoes.

Last trip my expensive Bass shoes had those air pockets, there were fairly new, well those air pockets collapsed, forcing me to run off to the outlets to get another pair of shoes, Bass exchanged it no questions asked. But it was a hassle and took away from our day. :frowning:

I have many similar skin issues, and I do the 2-a-day outfits, plus a few extras. We plan on doing laundry during our non-park "rest"day so we’re not bringing 18 changes - doesn’t take as long as you think!

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I always overpack!! I usually pack 1 full outfit for each day per person…then, I add extras (long sleeve shirt, short sleeve shirt, light jacket, pants, shorts) I wish I would stop there…but NO! Then I usually add an extra outfit or two for good measure:) Good luck!

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One outfit a day but .ow using packing cubes I could do more. Plus yoga pants type chill clothes. We seldom plan a separate dinner meal & eat where we are. Two bathing suits, one visor, and 2 pairs of shoes.

Why packing cubes? I keep seeing people mention these, and I don’t know what they are. I’m a tad OCD about things, so if these are as great as people say, I need to know!!

We usually do laundry once during our stay while kids enjoy pool!