How many days to allocate? First timer

Hi all!
If you had 10 full days at DW in early September how many days would you spend at each park? For a first timer and solo adult in mind. I’m an early riser and happy to rope drop.

I will be doing MNSSHP and would like to do Keys to the Kingdom tour too. I don’t have much interest in “kiddie” shows like beauty and the beast live ect No water parks and I’m still undecided about Park hopper tickets. Any opinions are appreciated.

2 day in MK and EP 1/2 day HS and 1 day AK. This is what I would do at a minimum. I would also do Universal for 2 days and Sea World for 1 day.

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I agree with Joefishing209 in terms of allocating days for the parks. As a solo traveller to Disney a few times I always go with a park hopper ticket. Everyone is different though! But I love park hopping, start the morning in HS and then hop over to Epcot for the afternoon to grab lunch at festival booths. I highly recommend Rope dropping each park as much as you can.
Keys to the Kingdom tour is awesome!


Thanks for the input! I won’t be visiting universal or sea world they aren’t in my budget and not a big interest for my anyway. I don’t expect to be back to DW for a long time so want to do as much as I can there :grinning:

I love your vlogs!

How many days at each park would you do if you were just doing Disney parks for 10 days?
I have an eleventh day but I’m planning on shopping at the outlet stores and having a bit of a break from parks

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Thank you!! :smiley:
With 10 park days I would probably do 3 days at MK and 3 at EP. 2 at AK and then 2 at HS but the HS days I would use as half days then spend the afternoon/evening at another park or at the pool at my resort.
This is where I use park hopper lots too. at the beginning of the trip dedicating full days to each of the parks and then towards the second half jumping from park to park to hit my favourite things again. Another fun day with a park hopper is a 4 Parks 1 Day Challenge, it’s busy and a lot of walking but fun!!


I too would hop and split my plans into am/pm. I always start with my night time plans ( fireworks). You will want to see HEA- most likely twice- so I would plan that first.

By splitting the parks in half I would plan HS at least 3 halves ( ToT at night is something I plan for).

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Don’t forget Disney Springs! That could be a fun afternoon/evening after a morning at Studios (if you must…it’s a must skip for me) or evening at one of the other parks after you’ve seen that night show.

My allocation for my upcoming 6 days is Epcot; AK; morning at Disney Springs and afternoon and evening at Epcot; MK; AK and possibly Disney Springs in the evening; MK until mid-afternoon.


We did 11 days in July 2016. We did two days a piece in each of the four majors, hopped twice, we went to Typhoon Lagoon (twice in the PM) and Blizzard Beach once. We had two resort days and my family actually looked forward to those lazy days at the resort pool. Keep in mind that the weather is still hot in September and those pool/water parks are great for keeping cool. Believe it or not, I started to think at the end of the trip that 11 days was too long as most of my group was worn out!

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Sounds great! I’m going 3 weeks from today, so no summer heat to deal with. :slight_smile:

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You’re supposed to take it SLOW if you have 11 days! :joy:

We always have a minimum of 10 and up to 21. Never ever rope dropped, and rarely go all day anywhere. Usually start at 10 or 11, stay until we’re tired, which varies from person to person, then return to resort to chill out, and sometimes some of us will return later.

We also have offsite days, Kennedy for sure, Universal sometimes, shopping, Legoland, airboats …

But back to OP. I would give yourself two full afternoons for World Showcase.

And 2 decent half days at DHS. Don’t miss Indy amongst the shows, it’s the last remnant of a movie making heritage left, and stands up well after all the years. If you like Star Wars, don’t miss the March of the First Order - great fun.

AK to me has the best theming of all the parks. Take time to look around Harambe, look up and listen for the sound-track. Watch the drummers, count the carvings around the Tree of Life, see the Tree of Life awakenings and the night time entertainment. And don’t forget the baby tigers, and swimming hippos along the Gorilla Trail.

So if you’re not going offsite, then I would do 3 days MK, 2 or 3 at Epcot, 2 at DHS, 2 at AK. But not all rope drop to end. Mix up late starts with pool time, and then earlier starts and either a break or evenings at the Boardwalk, Monorail resorts, Resort hopping (GF, WL, AKL, Boardwalk resorts, Poly).


I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss these shows - most of them aren’t aimed specifically at kids, and can be entertaining for all ages. At the very least, they can be used as breaks where you get to sit down and recharge. :slight_smile:


DH and I loved the Lion King show, thought Beauty & the Beast was fine but wouldn’t choose to go again. The Frozen show was fun, Mermaid show only gets a fine but we loved the ride in MK. We enjoyed the muppet show in MK. You haven’t asked for advice on dining, but I would recomend the bars as many do food and there are less kids around. I would get the hopper, ours came with the package we bought and I didn’t think we’d use it, but even with kids we used it a few times. One morning we had a pre rope drop ADR at BOG and then we did about 6 rides before 10am without any FP’s, caught the bus to AK and were in the park before 11am. Another day we had a late start in EP used our FP’s, had lunch and a wander and then caught the ferry to HS for the evening. Where are you staying?


Festival of the Lion King is always a must do for me. So is Finding Nemo - but I’m so sad it will be closed when I’m there in 3 weeks (at least per this site - it’s not listed in the refurbs on the WDW site).

I enjoyed Beauty and the Beast the first couple of times I saw it, but to be honest even when I would go to Studios I’d skip it as I always seemed to end up around kids who had done it at their school or community theatre who would sing at the top of their lungs and/or complain about how much better their person had been. If you can avoid them, it’s a very good show.


2 AK (morning/ night), 2 EP, 1 HS, 3 MK (at least one night), Disney Springs, maybe even a day to resort hop. Have fun planning!!

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I went in November 2016 with my wife and kids for 7 days. I have planned to go back in summer of 2020 for 10 days. I will be spending 4 days in MK and 2 in each of the other parks. Keep in mind, my kids were 6 when we went and will be turning 10 (we will be traveling down on their 10th birthday).

If I were doing it by myself, I’d do 3 in MK, 3 in EP, and 2 for both HS and AK.

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I would definitely take time to visit the different hotels. Some of them are really, really nice with good food. Also, have fun meeting the characters! Also, some attractions at night look totally different, so I would ride at different hours. Kilimanjaro Safaris and Big Thunder come to mind, but Test Trak at night was really cool too.

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So you don’t consider HS a full day park? I’ve seen a lot of people say its not. Slinky dog dash (I think its called) should be open by then. I just wonder if it will make the whole park busier

I was starting to think early morning starts every day would drain me but I also don’t want to feel like I’m wasting precious park time :joy: but I do like your suggestion

that’s a great point. Rest the tootsies