How long to sign-up for Jedi Training?

I plan on being at HS at RD and heading straight for the Outpost to sign-up.

How long should I expect to take sign-up to be? Yes, I plan on being there at RD… but who knows if we’ll be a few minutes late and if I can convince my wife to run.

Did I read that sometimes sign-ups take 90 minutes?!?!?

I don’t know - very interested in the answer. No way we can spend 90 minutes in a line for sign ups. :frowning:

Following as well.

It all depends on how much people are already in line before you and how fast the line moves. Once you make it to the desk the actual sign up only takes 5 minutes, they ask your child’s name, age and what time slots are available.
One day our JT sign up took less than 10 minutes total, the second time we did it we were in line for half an hour.


For a 9 am rd if you can get to tapstiles for 8.30 then you should be done by 9.30 They are trialling various procedures at present so its changing day by day Some days they are letting sign ups in at 8-8.30 then holding you in park others its 9 am If you get to tapstlies at 9 there will be lots of guests before you and it could be an hour to wait.

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Does anyone know if you can sign up at 8am during magic hours or do you have to wait until 9am please?

Thanks for the replies, everyone. Gonna try to get there at 8:15AM!

Yes sign up starts at beginning of EMH

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thank you much appreciated

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As others have said, it varies day by day, but I can tell you our experience a few weeks ago during Feb vacation. We arrived at 8:30 for a 9am opening. We were fairly close to the front of our line, but there were still at least 5 families in front of us (and more and more building behind us). They opened the park at 8:45, but we were still held back before the left turn to the outpost for a few more minutes. Once they started letting people go, we walked as fast as we could, and got in line. We were done with sign-up at 9:05.


The length of time waiting in the sign up line is increased by parents trying to negotiate slot times and parents trying to sign up under/over age kids


How are people getting in before rope drop to wait in line? A breakfast reservation somewhere? I was feeling confident about getting in at rope drop and getting him signed up. It says crowd levels for HS on my day is a level 2. Do you guys think I have a chance? Lol

yes breakfast reservations. but rope drop should almost definitely get you a spot. You just have to spend more time waiting in line for sign-up, unless you’re the first at rope drop (which in turns means more waiting for rope drop).

Thanks! I would rather wait more at rope drop than at the sign up. How early do people get there to get a good spot in line for rope drop?

Well now I’m worried, we have an 8:15 ADR at Hollywood and Vine and RD is at 9:00. Should we cut breakfast short and rush to sign up or will we be OK if we head over around 9:15? Or can I run over during breakfast and sign DS up while my mom and DS stay and enjoy breakfast?

Being a newb, I am no authority. But I know that I’ve read that a parent and the kids MUST be there at sign-up.

So, if you have multiple adults, I would think you could bust out of there with the kids and sign-up while the others finish their coffee and get the check.

Yes - all kids participating in Jedi Training need to be there at sign-up. So your group can split, but the Jedis all need to go along.

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ADR people are held at the restaurant. On the days they are allowing people to leave the restaurant with child pre rope drops, they are also collecting people outside the turnstile to get in line. The A DR just puts you closer at RD. You can’t go before the non A DR people, sign up and return to breakfast. If you are there at RD, you will get a spot. Those are too expensive meals to be clock watching

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We were there about 2 weeks ago on a crowd 3 or 4 day. We just missed rope drop and had a bit of trouble finding the right line (its not marked). By the time we got in line (which borrowed part of the Indiana Jones line), it was about 9:15-9:20. There were about 30 families in front of us and it took about 30 minutes to get through the line. The earliest times offered to us were in the 3-4:00 range. Don’t forget to have the kids with you and know what times won’t work for your family. We signed up for the 4:40 show but the kids had to be checked in by 4:10. It took 30 minutes to get all of the kids checked in and robed (Disney should hire an elementary teacher to stream line that process!). Then the kids march to the stage area for the performance which lasted about 25 minutes. All together, we spent about 1.5 hours on this event - 30 min getting signed up in the morning and 1 hour preparing and doing it. Worth it though, DD (9) and DS (7) loved every minute of it.

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depends how “good” a spot you want :smile: I felt ok with 8:30, but we weren’t right at the front. If you’re really motivated then maybe 8:15?

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