How is it possible that my plans just keep getting better?

We all know that I change my plans a lot, so let’s skip past that.

What astonishes me is that every time I change my plans I think, “Wow. That is so perfect now. I can’t imagine how it could be more perfect.”

But the next time I change them, they become even more perfect.

I’m leaving next week and I was doing a bit of tweaking. Before I knew where I was a whole half-day got changed. It’s so much better now. Even though it was great before.

Does this happen to you?


It happens to me. Often because of something I saw on here, then I go and investigate it, it is usually something small but then it leads me to change so much and makes my trip even better. I always feel like, “why didn’t I think of that to begin with?”


Wouldn’t it be neat to have all the changes tracked. I work in Quality and we have to track all changes to any document. I would love to see that on my plans.

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Did you see my post about Takumi-Tei?

Just to throw a spanner in the works. :wink:


I saw the menu on twitter. Nothing really appealed to me, fortunately.

No. I get very satisfied with making my plans in the first place. I don’t ever feel the need to change them after that.


Apparently you’re insane.


I think this means @missoverexcited is a better planner than you and actually considers all her options ahead of time. :grin:


I think your brain is always working on the plan sub consciously and then all the sudden the new plan ideas just force themselves out and you have to go back to the planner.

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Amen. Get it right the first time! :wink:

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OMG Matthew. You changed your plans?! Do you ever stop changing plans? Goodness gracious. Every time we turn around you change something.

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oh so much! i’m always learning as i plan or new ideas come into play and i make adjustments constantly. i also like to think it’s all for the better, in spite of the time lost making adjustments and obsessing until arrival day. even then you never know what may change day to day!

wishing you the best as your plans continue to evolve.

It can always be better…

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You’ll post a trip report eventually about the final, realised version of your excellent plans, right? I hope the plans get even better in the next week.

I seem to be a compulsive plan tweaker (I haven’t been posting much about it because it feels like it’s only interesting to me). My plans keep getting better because I keep adding more days. I’m resisting adding after hours/dessert parties because adding extra park days is way cheaper (our dates have flexibility because it’s a roadtrip) but I’m almost out of potential days to add so that may happen yet.

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I just don’t have the overwhelming FOMO that you seem to have even though you go all the time!

Or maybe I just know my own mind and am not easily swayed every time someone mentions a different restaurant etc.

Because I know you so well and we’re best friends, I know that this wasn’t intended to be patronising :rofl:

It’s not about FOMO. Last night’s changes involved cancelling an FPP for FOP and an FPP for SDD.

It’s about making the best use of the time. And certainly with one eye on the enormous cost of the holiday and another on how (relatively) infrequently I take it.

One thing I tend to do a lot is build in back-ups and redundancy. So yesterday’s changes were about giving me another UOR day. A major goal of my trip is getting to see Diagon Alley on a clear, bright day. I wanted an extra chance to do that in case my other day for this is rained out, which happened to me last year.

Where new information comes in it seems to me sensible to take it into account. And — after all — we are advised not to make our trips merely repeats of previous trips. If a new restaurant opens up, it might be worth substituting it for one that I’ve already been to.

If I’d stuck with the very first iteration of my plan, I’d be staying at Pop for nine nights. Instead — and at no extra cost — I’m staying at CSR for nine nights. Which led me to Toledo and Three Bridges.

If I’d stuck with my original plan I wouldn’t be riding Hagrid’s Motorbike.

And — as many people here agree — the planning is quite fun. It allows you to immerse yourself in thinking about / dreaming about your trip. It turns a two week experience into a six month one.


I’m only teasing, don’t get defensive :joy:

I love planning. I just don’t do it the same way as you. Changing stuff would stress me out.

How dare you tell me that I’m being defensive.

(See what I did there?)

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I would expect nothing less.