How Good is Buzz Lightyear?

Yes, in THEORY, you can change your mind… but knowing how you are, do you really think you would EVER change your mind once you make a decision?

I thought not.


Ordinarily, no, of course not. But in this case, I might because I would have new information — I will have actually been on Buzz so I’ll know if I prefer it to Space Mountain.


I prefer buzz to TSMM. That being said, I’d still FPP space mountain over buzz 10/10.

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I am glad I found this, 4 years later. I just watched a vid on Youtube from this week. They rode Figment, loving every moment of it. Figment is horrid.

The face on the dancing moon is the stuff of nightmares.

This last trip we walked on to Buzz three separate times - twice back to back at rope drop and then within an hour of park close. Other trips we have done it 5 times in a row at rope drop before there was any line. Don’t go between 10 am and about an hour before park close though.

And I prefer Buzz because we finally figured out how to get Galactic Hero and that is fun, and gives us a sticker that we can give away to kids that we see in Toy Story gear. :slight_smile:

Funny what time does to alleviate pent-up demand. Some attractions have long lines because of their inherent design / lack of capacity. Some have long lines because they’re inherently good. Some have long lines because they’re just new.

And then there’s Jungle Cruise… :person_shrugging: