How early do you book?

So looking at my November dates if I was going this year— beach club is pretty booked and the room I want wouldn’t be available. How early does everyone book? I guess I could book when available and could always cancel if we end up not being able to right? Is it necessary to book this June for next November? Then I think about the Star Wars hoopla and maybe we should reserve really early.

Appreciate your thoughts!

We’re DVC members, so the earliest we can book accommodation is 11 months out. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t. If we leave it later we may need to be a bit more flexible with regards to where we’re staying, so if the resort is important I book it as soon as possible. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is book as soon as you can - you can always cancel or make changes if the original plans don’t work out.

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When I rent DVC points from a friend, I book 11 months out. If I’m staying at a "regular’ resort I try to commit 6 months out, but sometimes it’s only 3 or 4.

I just booked a room only for May 2020. Did it just in case the Star Wars frenzy causes a problem with room availability. If I get a package through Disney or MVT, then I will cancel the room only. We tend to also stay in the types of rooms that sell out pretty quickly.

So you booked a package? I guess I’m planning a split stay… I’m wondering how that will work. I guess I’d buy tickets abd room all separate…

No, can’t buy packages yet. Just a room only. I haven’t purchased anything else. I’m hoping for an MVT deal when they come out.

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New to these threads and bookmarked an acronym page, but MVT is not on it. What is that?

Magical vacation travel agency some liners use. I never have.

I’m in the UK, our offers come out in April for the following year but get worse the longer you wait. So I booked in April 2018 for August 2019. It was 470 days out, but we could have booked up to the end of October 2019 which would have been more like 550 days.

If you’re a Costco member, check their travel site. They have Disney pkgs. In the past, their only “onsite” resort was Swan/Dolphin (which is fasntastic, imo - just sayin’)

Late last year, summer, maybe, they added Disney Owned resorts, like Boardwalk, SSR, and one of the values, maybe CBR as well.

I’ve heard stories of ppl checking around and finding resorts booked, but going to Costco and finding a pkg for the resort they thought was booked full. My guess would be that they have blocks of rooms.

First opportunity after I know exactly where and when I intend to go. The sooner the better. I’ve booked over a year out. The good thing about Disney reservations (at least for now) is that you can apply newly released discounts to existing reservations (if applicable). And at least with room-only reservations you can always cancel your reservation (within the pretty generous cancellation period) and get your deposit back. I can’t speak for packages since I’ve never booked one.

Thank you! Good to know… I think we will try to nail down our dates for our trip and book when it opens then.

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MVT is a travel agency. Magical Vacations Travel. com Unlike other travel agencies they book via Disney’s Business Dept. They guarantee Disney a at least three days of resort booking and if the client backs out, MVT foots the bill. This gives Disney there money either way so Disney in turn sells the rooms at a 30 to 50% discount. This is a room only savings but you can also get tickets and DDP via MVT on most deals. I and my wife have used them twice now and saved $1000 on the first booking and $4500 on the second. The higher the class resort and the more days stayed the bigger the discount. NOT all dates are available and only certain resorts in certain time periods are available. MVT’s Labor day special is where the biggest saving are. Go to there site at and ask for a quote. You have nothing to lose and you may be in for a BIG surprise. We use Darcy but there are many other agents that can help you . Hope this helps. :heart_eyes:


I just booked day after labor day today. Plan on watching and hoppng for better rates.

I do room only not “free dining”

Book as soon as you plan is at least semi-solid, especially for busy times, if your heart is set on a particular room/resort, or if the stay is under 6-months away. A package is only $200 to book (adding tickets makes it a package) and a room-only is the cost of one night’s stay to book. All refundable for quite a long time!

Room only rates for that time frame are amazing, especially if you’re flexible on room type!

And if available
People sometimes forget that there are a limited number of rooms that are valid for the discount Sven if the resort isn’t listed as participating

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Thanks! I guess if I’m doing a split stay… I could do the package for the first half then a room only for the second…I’m planning on doing it then as soon as it opens… so sometime in June…


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You could. I guess I’m not understanding why you would though? Perhaps cost-saving measure r/t deposit requirement?

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I need two separate reservation for a split stay right? I thought having tickets linked with the first is better for making fast passes?
Thanks for your help