How do magic bands work

Sorry but I have not been to Disney in over 10 years and not been on property in over 30 years.
We are on the DDP :
1 When and were do we get our mugs?

2 Can I go eat with the DDP before I check in?

3 When we first go to the park it will be the day after we check in. When we try to enter the park what steps are there? How does the whole finger print scan work?

1 - you pick up your refillable mugs in the gift shop.
2 - if you do online check in you can use your credits, park tickets etc straight away.
3 - if I remember correctly, you just scan your magic band and then scan a finger.


1–you can pick up mugs at QS location at your resort
2-your credits are available on check-in day beginning at 12:01 am as long as you have done online check in and expire at 12:00 midnight on checkout day. They can be used in any increment between those times.
3-tap MB, scan finger and remember which one you used. You can apparently do this sequentially–we always thought you had to tap and scan at the same time but nope. Glad we learned this on our 5th MB trip :laughing:

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I don’t want to do online check in. The reason is that I’ve never stayed at All Star Sports and I want the full experience, plus I’m disabled and have many questions to ask.
If I try to check in around noon and the room is not ready will I then be able to use the DDP?

How do magic bands work?

They’re magic.



Yes you can. Even if the room isn’t ready, you can use all the resort facilities, or head off to the parks.

But you can also ask lots of questions here! Fire away… :smile:

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Just remember that comment when you get smacked upside the head while your at Disney. Remember I’ve seen your pictures I know what you look like. All you will hear is the buzz of an electric motor and then a soft bop on the head.


Actually it’s the quick service in most locations. Though I do think it’s the gift shop in Pop because it’s a combo gift shop/quick service.

You just have to go to the desk when you arrive, no matter the hour, so as to set up the PIN

Are you fine gentlemen planning a fly-by hello-and-handshake???


  1. What the best way to my room?
  2. What time does the pool close?
  3. Where can we charge our scooters?

should I go on?

Oh. It was the gift shop at POFQ.

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You can check in online and still go to the desk to ask questions.

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No problem I’ll ask at the front desk I need to go there first anyway.


You will charge your scooters in your room overnight. At parks, ask when you go to restaurants and you can also find places around the parks here and there near shops. :slight_smile:

Just to be clear, I’m not saying you shouldn’t ask questions here. Or that you should do online check in against your will. Just that you have options.

We charged the scooter in our room, but I don’t know if there’s space in value rooms. There are loads of places in the parks, just ask a CM.

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We are DD, DW (with ECV) and ME (with ECV) staying in All Star Sports in a King with a double. There might not be room I was told we could leave the scooters outside the room also I was told we could leave one in the lobby area.

He’ll have to book a slot in my ever-changing schedule. If it’s not in the spreadsheet, it’s not happening.

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Do you? I thought I’ve already set up my PIN online on MDE.

You can fit at least one in. Bring an extension cord just in case for the other one. We had a room last year at ASMu with two double beds and were able to fit both of ours inside. However, our bathroom was an accessible one with a tub; so it was huge. We pit one ECV in the bathroom and one between the wall and one of the beds.

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