How Disney theme parks will be different when they reopen

Interesting article from TPG:


I would be surprised if many/all of these steps are not taken in the next few months.

All of these make me want to get a refund rather than bank the value of my tickets. I don’t have a lot of interest in going if all of these happen.


I will continue to keep my vacation on hold if many of these are in practice. I don’t care about temperatures as I’m not going anywhere if I have a fever. I don’t care about the finger scanner. But the others would diminish my experience so I will just have to be patient and wait until things are running properly again.

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I see most of these as plausible except for virtual queueing for all rides, I feel like that would take quite a while to work out if it’s even possible? It would create a lot of confusion and I don’t think it would eliminate crowds, just reorientate them.

Limiting capacity seems like it could be beneficial but I’m wondering how much they’d have to limit for it to have any practical effect?

I think there are a lot of references to the virtual queues in articles about possible changes due to changes noted in MDE

Yea I don’t see it impossible technically speaking, but I still think it would create quite a biy of chaos if used in a lot of rides. And in terms of distancing crowds, well, all those people who otherwise would be standing in queues would now be waiting and standing someplace else, right? The only way I personally could see this having a positive effect is combined with massive limitations on capacity. Thats just my view though, I have very limited experience of virtual queues etc.


Aren’t FPs a form of a virtual queue? It would just mean eliminating the standby lines.

New virtual queue to get into the parks plus all attractions FP with no standby lines.

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Yea, but what happens with all the thousands of people simultaneously in different queues if you eliminate the queues, wouldn’t that result in more people in general areas? I suppose this might be a bit better in terms of distancing, but is it that much better? Hence why I think it would require limiting the capacity notably


So it seems there is a potential for:

  1. a longer wait at security check
  2. some ride pre-shows may not operate
  3. parades and fireworks shows shortened or canceled
  4. less restaurant capacity

So what can Disney do to entice visitors who may not want to deal with all that baloney?
Answer: DISCOUNTED TICKETS :grinning::fist:


Oh, yep, I was taking a limit on admissions as a given. Thus the virtual queue to even get into a park.

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I honesty don’t see any of the strategies working without seriously limiting the number of people in the park (think After Hours before they cut back staff).

I also think that resorts, specifically the DVC resorts will open before the parks open.


There were also some posts today on chat that some tickets converted to 2030 expiration. Mine did not, but it was not an isolated conversion.

But who will want to go to the resorts without parks? The resorts exist because of the parks.


I love the parks but as a DVC owner, I would.

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I’d definitely entertained the idea of a Disney resort vacation. Save money on tickets which I can then spend on delicious food and entertainment while resort hopping during the days, and home resort at night.


I was getting ready to post this. I finally read the article, and I find the rest of the ideas mostly pointless if they don’t severely reduce park capacity. I’ve only gone during low crowd times and even then navigating the walkways and shops would make social distancing impossible. If that is the goal of everything else then capacity must be reduced.


The only way I see it working is if they police every entrance to Disney property. All traffic must be filtered through specific entrances. At each of these entrances they use one of the rapid test kits for COVID. If you test positive for COViD, your vehicle and all aboard are denied entry to property.

Here is one kit:

This will allow them to open parks to full capacity, allow crowding of people, all restaurants and stores at full capacity, etc…

This is the only way I can see it working at this point. Welcome to the new normal.

I wouldn’t mind the virtual queues on all rides. Just because I’d rather sit than stand in line. Universal’s water park does something similar where you can wait in one virtual queue all the time.

I hope the other stuff is gone by our trip in January.

I have to say I am surprised that I ca book a fireworks dessert party for September.