Hours for late March

Anyone else impatiently waiting for hours to update the week of 3/21?

I’m dying to know if they will be similar to the week of 3/7 or the week of 3/14. I’m hoping by Friday they will be posted.


Me!! Last week, they updated on Thursday instead of Friday. I have my fingers crossed for tomorrow.

I’m trying to get my taxes done this week, before hours update, so that I can play with my TP all weekend. :smiley:

Yes still waiting. Only have two park days Epcot on 3/25 and HS on 3/26. I think it’s almost a certainty that HS will open 9am instead of the current posted opening of 10am. Also intriguing is the possibility they move Epcot close to 11p. Once hours update do the TP template plans update as well?

yes, agree! The week of 3/14 HS also closes at 8pm, which is later than all previous weeks I’ve checked that close at 7. I would also love Epcot to stay open later! Most days we are planning to hop there with a dinner reservations so the extra time would allow a ride or two after dinner.

The TP hours will update with the new times right away.

Those are our EP, HS days, too!

I’m hoping for some later nights, since being in the park is so neat, that late. This is the first time I think we can really plan to be there late, since the kids are getting older.

Same for me!

So let’s say they extend HS close from 7p to 8p does that mean that now suddenly there are new ADR slots opened for that 7-8pm range? So if currently shut out of Osa Cantina your saying there is still a chance? If yes then How do we get alerted precisely when the change is made so we can jump in there and grab one of the new slots?

Yes older kids now as well so now we need to plan for both early and late I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

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I’ve seen later ADRs already (in that 7-8 window). I don’t know if they’ll extend even further. Use the TP Res Finder, I’d say, to watch for openings. Then you can get one even if it’s in the current hours.

I’m not sure if additional ones will open, but it’s definitely possible. There have already been ADR’s available for Sci Fi and 50’s prime time up to 7:55pm even with current hours. I don’t recall seeing Oga’s in that hour but I wasn’t specifically looking for it. Definitely keep checking and set a tp dining alert if you haven’t already (https://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/reservation-finder)

Thanks for replies I meant Oga not Osa- lol

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We know. We have loads of practice reading failed autocorrects :smiley:

My best autocorrect was when sending our Thanksgiving menu to my DS. I typed turkey breast and didn’t notice the autocorrect. What he got was turkey breastfeeding.


Still waiting for hours to update for week of 3/21 - what day and time do they normally update? Friday? What time? Also manually checked ADRs a bunch of times not much at all left at Epcot and nothing at Hollywood studios. Hoping the update to hours provides a second chance to get Oga’s and something late at Epcot. Hope everyone is having a great day!

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watching, too! Usually it’s been on Fridays for updates. Last week was Thursday, but I wonder if that’s because it’s the “local” spring break week.

I’m hoping for Savi’s to open in the extra hours. :crossed_fingers:


I check twice a day for updates. AM, PM. Caught an update that way. Y’all are probably doing that though.

MK and EPCOT are updated, woo hoo!!

But, oddly not HS and AK (at least not yet)!

spoke to soon! All is right with the WDW :slight_smile:

Yep hours updated but sadly no new ADRs and no new Savi’s availability either

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It often takes a few days for those to show up. Good luck!