Hoop Dee Doo


Going on the recommendation from @Iheartepcot due to our love of Fried Chicken we are considering adding Hoop Dee doo onto our upcoming trip (even though we have free QS). Any recommendations on best time and area to sit. I just checked and it looks like we have lots of options on the dates we would want. Thanks.


Honestly time is up to you and your TP. There is not a bad seat in the house if you are an extrovert and like attention get cat 1 or 2 if you do not care get cat 3 you can see the whole show from the balcony. The cat 1 seats are obviously closer to the stage but the show moves around so no bad seats. This is my favorite food venue in WDW.


We are thinking of trying it out too! No kids, just us empty nesters.


When you say attention...do you mean going on stage? That's a big NO for us. But attention is fine. DH thought being "That Guy" at Monsters, Inc was pretty funny. But that's as far as he goes


You can always say no but they do typically pick from the main floor for going on stage I think it's about 5 ppl.


Yeah, you can always say no, but...who wants to be those people smile


It's all in good fun, but I have sit in 1, 2 ,and 3 they are all good. If you like a up front and close experience then get 1 but I would choose 3 over 2.


Thanks! Good advice


This is great. Thanks.


Yay! I don't think you'll be disappointed. We did the 6:30 category 1 show last time, but I think we'll likely do the 4:15 category 3 next time to 1)save money and 2)get back to MK earlier. I believe that both later shows have buses straight back to your resort, which would be nice if you don't want to go back to MK.


Thanks for suggesting it. Food sounds great ( fried chicken) and unlimited beer definite bonus. And the show looks like something my two kids will live!


Another tip - ask right away for a pitcher (or two, depending on the size of your party) of beer. When we first ordered, we thought they would automatically bring a pitcher, but instead it was just individual glasses. It is not always easy to get the server with the show going on.


Will they bring 2 pitchers at a time?
For 2 people


I didn't ask, but I can't imagine them saying "no." I already know that when I go back with my DM, she will request two pitchers for three adults. One for her, one for my DH and I to share.


We booked it. After ou mentioned pitchers we were sold Thanks for the suggestion


When are you going, @atomic?


October 12 smile DH doesn't know yet lol


We were there in late April/early May for the 8:00 show (or was it 8:15 or 8:30). Anyway I guess the show was not full so they moved everyone to the first floor and no one sat upstairs.


We LOVED it! Going again in November. @atomic - one word....pitchers!!!


Practice is in effect