Hollywood Studies Rope Drop help

We are staying on property the week of March 14th and planning to buy RoR, get a Genie+ for SDD and make full use of EE.

We have never ridden MMRR, Smugglers, or Rise. My middle child was not tall enough to ride RnR the last time we came, so that is his must ride for this trip.

I was thinking about going to MMRR or Smugglers first. Would it be possible to ride them both during EE with minimal waits? Then maybe pop over to TSM. What would be the best use of our time? Then try to grab a ToT or RnR Genie after SDD or the 120 minute rule. We plan to go to HS twice this trip, so we do have a little wiggle room. We are all big Star Wars fans and would like to get the full MF experience. Do you get that if you do the LL?

Adding MMRR to Genie+ threw a wrench my original plans!

Thanks in advance for your help. The advice on this forum made our 2018 trip magical!

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And we have an Oga’s reservation at 9:10PM, so we will be in the park at close.

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As long as MMRR opens on time I think you can do that and then run to Smugglers after with a reasonable wait BUT you don’t want to do ToT?

We definitely want to do ToT too. It’s one of my favorite rides.

If you are doing ToT standby you have to do it first. Only half the elevators are working (one side).

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We were able to show up extra early and ride MFSR before early entry even started. We were actually the first ppl on the attraction that day. We were in the pre show area of MFSR at 8:02 with an 8:30 ETPE. We hopped off of that and got in line for MMRR at 8:20. MMRR didn’t start operating until 8:30 (as far as I could tell - the line didn’t start moving until then) and we were off of that by 8:55ish. Then we went over to TSMM and were off of that by 9:25ish. So it’s definitely possible to do these three SB if you get to HS early enough and everything is running. Also, I had fantastic luck with the HS drop times. I never did get an SDD at 7am but we were able to ride it 3 times over the course of our trip using the drop times.

The LL didn’t affect our experience on MFSR. We rode once SB and twice more (over several days) with LL. We didn’t buy an ILL for RotR. We RD’d it and waited about 50 minutes (we arrived a bit late for ETPE that morning) but from what I gather, you get the full experience with ILL too.

I hope your trip is fantastic!

That’s great to know ! Are there set drop times like there used to be for Fastpass, or is it a matter of continuously checking? I haven’t been able to find anything about this.

Yes there are some pretty consistent drop times like there were with FP. I got all my info from the Genie+/LL Daily Drops thread and playing around with G+ ahead of time. I’m including a link to the thread but not sure if I’m doing it correctly. https://forum.touringplans.com/t/genie-ll-daily-drops/82151?u=mediumhero7