Hi ho, Kermit the frog here!

Greetings all. The TP folks have been kind enough to give our own traveling Kermit his very own subcategory. We will be working on transitioning some items from the current Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1375994009292192/) to here, but haven’t scoped out how it’s all going to work yet so please be patient.

In the meantime, please feel free to post your Kermit photos and adventures under this subcategory! We LOVE seeing photos of Kermit and his adventures with Liner friends and families.


This will be much easier and a lot less people trying to get in to spam our group! :wink:


I will be interested in following Kermit’s adventures here!

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I can’t wait to follow Kermit’s adventures too!

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I have no idea how I managed to find this thread, but glad I did. Hope all y’all post lots of pics.

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I have no idea what this is about but I love Kermit! :frog: I did see that @Star_Wisher posted a photo with her DS and Kermit with a Liners button in her trip report. :smiley:

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Does Kermit ever meet with other stuffed travelers? My monkey is eager to meet him sometime. You can see that he makes friends easily and is also a Disney World veteran.


I love following kermit! Cant wait to take him for a few days.


@kellymouse5, Kermit is an honorary Liner that lives at WDW. We have been passing him from Liner to Liner for a little more than a year now. He spends a day or two with each family and then moves on to the next family. They take pics of him on their adventures and post them for everyone to see. We have been on FB, but we thought we would move everything to the forums so that folks that do not FB can participate. A way to track trips is in the works. :slight_smile:


I have a bunch from the first couple days of our trip!

RD at MK - The first time DBF and I have ever been to WDW and Kermie was there with us!

He walked us down MSUSA

The first place we went was to meet Ariel, and he was super excited to get her autograph

Look at that happy froggie!

Then he got tired of walking, so he hitched a ride over to Space M

And also ate all of my soup at BOG before I even got a chance to take a bite

That night, we had a big Liner meet! myself (formerly @adrake) @weasus @heather3haboob @PrincipalTinker @holden710 @pirateslife4me (Kermie’s got a crush on Heather)

We were joined by another person @555-0112

And that was the end of our first MK day!

He rode RNRC the next day

And helped DBF finish his bratwurst and beer at F&G the day after that

He definitely makes the rounds at WDW!


Thanks @GlitchVonSchweetz! That sounds like fun. Looking forward to following his adventures. :smile:

Thanks @mALYficent for posting all your photos!


Here are some Kermit pics from our recent trip:

Picking up Kermit at the CR

Kermit loved Off Kilter!

Illuminations Dessert Party

Liner meet in MK!

Taking a break on a hot afternoon


Here’s Kermit in April at Beaches & Cream

Waiting for the Festival of Fantasy Parade


How can we get in on the fun? We will be there in November

Beth - We are working on getting the “sign up” sheet moved to this thread.


I think he needs to come visit Disneyland! :wink:

I think Disneyland will need it’s own liner mascot


I was just teasing :wink: I think they do have a pooh bear but he’s not as famous as Kermit.

Maybe if the Disneyland Mascot has their own space here, it would be more popular.

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