HHN 33 News, Updates & Planning

I think I am having a problem with the Lowe’s site. Actually, right now I seem to only be seeing rack rate on both. I think Lowe’s is actually linking to Universal. I have been going through my phone (I have been at work). Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Hey! Sorry… I totally forgot. I use my phone & PC for my bookings. I don’t know what could be the issue…

I’m still seeing different rates when I check each independently

It’s supposed to be announcement week for houses…

Do you think we’ll be getting an announcement for any houses this week?

  • Yes
  • No
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Which house do you think will be announced?

  • Ghostbusters - Frozen Empire
  • Freddy Kruger / Nightmare on Elm Street
  • Other - Comment below
  • None!! I already voted for no announcements this week!
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HHN house tents have been spotted going up at F&F!

Auditions for Scare Actors are going on as well!

(I am seeing a LOT of hype that Freddy is going to be announced. The official HHN social media account has been putting out “clues” about announcing something. People online think the clues mean Freddy)

Any chance for a house based on The Omen?

I’m only “guessing”, but I’d say No…

“The First Omen” was made by 20th Century Studios which is owned by Disney now

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I doubt there’s enough interest but i would love an Abbott and Costello Classic monster house one year. Pretty savvy of Universal to combine the two for extra movie house milage!


With all the copyright lawsuits between the heirs and Universal, I can’t see an A&C being anywhere at Universal going forward… (just my uneducated opinion)

Thats a shame. There’s gold on the Universal Monster channel!

What was the last straight up comedy/humor house? Alice? The last attempt i can remember was Chance but thats a sad story for another day.

No announcement this morning. However, a U.K. ticket seller posted that they can sell tickets for HHN and the dates.

If you look at the “Extras” tab on the Universal App, you can see they are setting up HHN ticket sales. They’ve got the VIP tour up for sale now…

Maybe this means the announcement is ticket & dates not a HHN house?? :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:


Sadly, I was correct… The announcement was the dates (Aug. 30 - Nov. 3) not houses

No info on Frequent Fear / Rush of Fear Passes yet, but that’s normal…

Here’s the link if you want single night tickets or a VIP tour…

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The anxiety of booking a room/flights before Rush tix go on sale is real. Not to mention an RIP tour!

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I can only get to HHNs for two nights. Single night tickets will always be my plan?


In prior years the passes “pay for themselves” on the third night.

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Thanks, that’s what I thought.

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Bought my single day ticket and express pass for October! If anyone is interested, magical vacation travel has a special for royal pacific for 313 per night the last weekend in October. That’s way better than any AP rate I’ve seen so far!


This year we only have time for one night. For the first time I’m considering an RIP tour but omg MONEY. Has anyone done it and feel like the value matches the price? I’m worried about feeling rushed. I’m used to express pass and going at my own pace.

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I’ve never done rip but we did HHN last year on a Sunday night with express and got all the houses in. We did stay and scream though since we have APs. If you have only time for one night but can swing a wed/thurs/sun, I would think that would be the way to go

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I haven’t done it, but I do know from others that they do “speed run” the houses. They promote you’ll experience them all, so the TM has to prioritize getting that done within the 4.5 hours allotted along with the photo ops & food

IMHO - Get an Express Pass for less than hakf the price. Remember… I tested Express Pass last year & rarely waited longer than 12 minutes (I checked my TR. )

This week’s episode of TheDis Universal Edition covered the RIO tour well. It’s around the 9 minute mark

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