HHN 33 News, Updates & Planning

Happy Halloween!

It’s one day after the SuperBowl and two days before Valentine’s day! It’s never too early to start planning Halloween Horror Nights!

Feel free to post any News, Updates or even Rumors leading up to HHN33

Here’s a video discussing the first rumor that’s been circulating the last week or two

When I made the title of the thread I debated writing it as “HHN33”. I spaced out the number to make topic searches for “HHN” easier though!

How do you prefer to abbreviate Halloween Horror Nights?
  • HHN33
  • HHN 33
  • Halloween Horror Nights 33 - (I always say / type it all)
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POLL NEVER CLOSES! We’ll keep checking throughout the year to see what people say!


The real question @darkmite2 … what week are you planning to go this year?! (Yes, I’m back from my winter blues hiatus).

We are doing an Italy trip the first of November this year… so we are probably going earlier than we usually do! I’m looking at September dates and trying to decide. The only downside to September for me is the heat. I’m leaning back half of September at this point.

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I’ll be there Friday 9/6/24 - 9/13/24!! My hotel stay, Aventura, is booked! I even signed up for the new Universal Studios Visa Card to start getting Redemption points for HHN and eventually Epic Universe!

My AP expires on 9/13/24!! I have checked with UOR I can go into the parks that day! We’ll leave the next morning!

DD22 is scheduled to graduate University this spring! (She went year round for 4 straight years! It took me 6 years!!)

This means she’ll get to be there the entire time, not just 3 - 3.5 days!!! I’m still going to buy UXP for our Rush of Fear passes, but she’ll get to do everything HHN this time instead of having to choose “must-do” stuff!

It’s gonna suck!! It’s just part of the process… I’ve just learned to be ready for it to be 88°F at midnight!!!

I’ve gone the third week of Sept. the last two years with good success for CLs and weather. I’d go then again, but I started my pass on the 14th last year. I stayed through the 26th…

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Omg, how exciting that DD22 will be there the WHOLE TIME! I’m so excited for you guys!

It’s looking like the last week of September for our trip. I haven’t booked anything yet, but I prob will try to get a deposit down soon! And then continually hunt for a better AP deal :slight_smile: I’m actually considering Aventura this time to try something new… but I REALLY want Sapphire Falls. We shall see! Haha.

Now if we could just get ANY sort of announcement I’d be happy but I know that’s be overzealous since it’s only February!

My AP doesn’t end until January and I’m agonizing that September might be our only trip planned. I’ve been seriously considering a solo trip in April or May but haven’t bit the bullet. My husband LOVES the parks but he doesn’t want to go as much as I do… and I’ve never done a solo trip. So… maybe it will happen.

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I’ve been dying to try it. I go through there often from Aventura to catch the water taxi. However, the price versus the lack of benefits makes it not a value for me… It’s really pretty though!

That’s what I’m doing… I have my deposit - mostly to make me feel good. However, I search almost every day for any rate changes… I’m still about 3 months away from any deals for HHN will showing up. I’ll let you know if I see any sooner. Whenever you see a deal I would advise not waiting. I’ve seen the deal go away in a couple days only to never be any lower!!

I feel ya! The biggest rumor that seems to have some evidence is Ghostbusters will be back. I’d assume it will the a tie-in with the new movie and less about the OG Ghostbusters

Do it!! At least once in you any life! It’s so much fun to “treat yourself” and do anything you’ve ever wanted without anyone to judge you!! :rofl:

People have asked my wife how/why she “lets” me take so many solo trips. She says, “I like to think of them as business trips… He’s such a big nerd that I know he’s getting into less trouble than at home! :rofl:

It’s not “normal”, but IMHO a lot of “normal” things make no practical sense to me!


Was it really JULY of last year when they announced/confirmed houses? That seems so far away :rofl:

They announced Chucky the day after HHN 31. Then Last of Us was next in June…

Stranger Things 4 got its own announcement in mid-July. Then the rest of the houses later that month!

Unofficially, but there’s enough documentation and photos to almost be “official” that “Ghostbusters Frozen Empire” is going to be one of the houses. I’d expect an announcement after it comes to theaters on 3/22/24. They could wait until it goes to streaming which would probably be anywhere from 60 - 90 days after it premiers! That would make it around mid-late June

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Well, I’m officially booked for September 25-28! My husband doesn’t have as much PTO as I do and we are going to Italy in November so this round has to be a shorter trip :frowning: but it’s fine because we are still going!

I put a deposit down on a 2-bedroom suite at Surfside because that was basically the same price as Aventura and since we will have our 4 year old with us I want the extra room! The room is subject to change if any good rates pop up elsewhere that excite me… but at the moment I’m excited to try one of the value options! I chose Surfside over Dockside for the sole reason that it’s smaller and seems less overwhelming. I really liked Cabana Bay last year… but it was SO big.


IME - It’s the “nicest” of the suites on property! It has an actual door you can close for the second room. That’s a big value to me!

They are practically identical. (I’ve had to argue this a few times!)
However, the campus is so much smaller than CBBR!! I think you’ll like it!

Are you getting a Rush of Fear Pass for multiple nights?? We talked about it last year, but you MUST get the Express Pass - especially if you are only going for 1 - 2 nights. (I’m assuming you’re leaving on that Sunday)

So far the most “confirmed” HHN house rumors are:

Ghostbusters Frozen Empire
Freddy Kruger

Freddy doesn’t have a movie coming out, so I don’t know why this rumor is picking up traction. I’ve seen a few bits that make it feel possible though!

I’d expect a Ghostbuster house announcement any day now! The movie opens on Friday, so advertising all the tie-ins around the premier would make sense

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FYI nothing this week


UOAP rates for hotels have extended into September. Go go go!


Thanks! I just saved some money!

My Aventura rate was the same for HHN. However, Dockside was only $80 per night in September anyone is interested!

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My Portofino rate dropped $150 over two nights. It is the cheapest deluxe rate available for my weekend.


I’m definitely going to keep checking! I got Aventura for $116 last year! (I’ve got $140 right now)

$140 in September? I have Adventurer booked one night in December. It is a Friday night but it is $235. I tagged in on to a Disney weekend (late night arrival) in the hopes of getting to the Grinch breakfast we missed last December with our medical emergency.

I hope to drop that rate too.

Sunday night at Portofino went down $100 for HHN.

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I’m staying for a week, so that helps. However, I often check both the UOR website & the Lowe’s hotel booking site. They often have similar rates, but every once in a while you’ll see a bargain on one of them.

My Aventura was $140 on the Lowe’s site, but Endless Summer is $98. Endless Summer was $80 on the UOR hotel booking page

Sorry it’s so small! I had to reduce my browser zoom to 50% to get the dates & rates to all be visible together… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Are your mid-week rates much cheaper than weekend?

I think my rates are higher since they are only weekend nights. I will check both sites!

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I checked…The weekend rate is $157 & weeknight are $130

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Saved $70 bucks just by modifying! Haha! Thanks for the tip. That’s almost one ticket for HHN!