Hey I'm Back!

First - that topic title makes it sound like I’m important, but don’t get too excited.

I can’t believe I have not posted here in awhile.
A couple years back, we went to WDW 3 times in one year - so I was on here ALL the time.
Did trip reports for all of them (if interested)…

We didn’t lose any Love for Disney in that time - just without any trips to plan, we kept most of our time on YouTube and Podcasts for our “fix”.
So, we’ve kept up to date with all the changes over the last crazy 2 years.

And, now it looks like we have a 2022 trip to plan!
Our oldest daughter turns 21 in the spring and wants to celebrate in Epcot (a chip off the old block she is).

Here are the probables for now…
Month of June 2022
Could be as many as 10+ in the group
Both WDW and Universal
Maybe onsite, maybe offsite

Lots to consider, so I’ll be lurking around here more often. You’ve been warned.


Happy planning!!


Welcome back! Please share every detail as you plan!

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Have you changed your username? I don’t recognize you but welcome back!

Nope, same name.

I remember you and loved following along with your trip reports! Glad to have you back :smiley:

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