Help with hotel change

I had reserved the All Sport for the dates from 2 to 15 August. I see in the hotels reopening list that this hotel will not be open on those dates. Through the chat of My Disney Experience I have been told that I have to call disneyworld to change hotels.

Has anyone else had this about having to change hotels ??? How is it done ?? I am booking everything from Madrid (Spain) and I don’t even know which phone number to call, and on top of that my English is not very good. Anyone in this same situation? Thanks for your help

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You must call or at 7 days out your reservatio will be cancelled.

When you call you will be offered a new accommodation. You must take that accommodation and not make any changes to your reservation or you will face paying the difference between All Stars Sports and wherever you land. If you accept what is offered you will be moved at no cost. In your case there is a 90% chance you will see a free upgrade to a moderate or deluxe.

When you call you will want your hotel confirmation number available. They will take care of the rest.

I’ve tried to get the chat through MDE to give me an answer for 1 1/2 days now. Last night (after almost 12 hours) they responded with a canned response telling me how to make my Disney Park Pass reservations. But…uh…that wasn’t what I asked about. So I asked again in a follow up. BY this morning, I was given the same canned response about how to make Disney Park Pass Reservations. So, I’ve tried a THIRD time…and I’ve been waiting since this morning for a chat response in MDE.

I’m like 95% sure @OBNurseNH is correct…I just want to know for sure how much effort I should have my son put into this given the phone line situation. A simple response of either, “Wait for an email,” or, “No, you’ll have to call,” is all I need from them! :confused:

You definitely need him to call

Wait for email was before parks open.

This new directive to call applies to July 11 forward.

Whoa. It is like magic. I posted the message, and just about the time you replied, I was connected to someone on Chat!

That was bizarre. And ultimately useless. The CM on chat said he should wait for an email. When I mentioned that the advice seemed contrary to what Disney’s site says for stays starting July 11, the CM then changed their tune and said he should call. :confused:

Oh well. I guess the phone call is inevitable. (Which I knew it was…just wanted to make sure.)

@OBNurseNH has that been stated or the new consensus?? Is that we have to call? They won’t reach out to us?

The verbiage on Disney’s site makes it sure sound like it. The only reason I was doubting it is that it leaves open the possibility that they might STILL send an email first, but if you don’t respond to that email, and you wait until the 7 day mark, THEN they will cancel it. That is to say, they might STILL intend to send an email first.

That’s why I said I was 95% sure. I just hate that annoying little 5%.

Regardless…I think as long as you don’t call and REQUEST a modification, but instead call and simply want to find out where they are going to move you to, it shouldn’t hurt to call. Just don’t call and say, “So, my resort is going to be closed, so can you move me to Old Key West?” They would consider that a modification request and then charge you.

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Thanks @ryan1 I actually just got the call to go through so here’s to waiting for another 2-23 hours.

Also thanks for the advice. I most certainly will not settle to pay more. We shall see…

A liner on chat got moved from FQ to CR with no charge!

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I know I saw that, and responded. I have the same handle, my name. Very, very creative :expressionless: :crazy_face:

Edited to say that would be my dream. Hubby would love a cabin. I’m like no, I’m not camping…I’m going to WDW. Ha. A full kitchen wouldn’t hurt

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Oh good! I see that now!

hopefully everyone is that lucky!

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We looked at videos of the FW cabins. If you have a vehicle, in particular, it is really nice since you literally park right outside the cabin!

But having the kitchen and living room space is nice. Of course, I have no first hand experience.

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Where are you booked now?

I have the same issue with the cabins. I’d like to some day but I love a good resort feel.



We won’t have a car. Another thing we enjoy about Disney is being totally in the bubble and not having to drive. So a cabin would not be ideal.

CR? Contemporary?

Yesss! From your picture looks like you have young kids too. I love not driving and not cooking. So easy not to deal with any of that there.

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Cool! That’s a nice upgrade! I’m sure my son would appreciate that…although we really hope he gets CBR so that he’s on the Skyliner like we are. It would make it easier for us. But if they offer him Contemporary…we’ll simply be envious. :wink:

Yes! I’m trying to prepare myself for (my) worst. I can’t even find these cabins :rofl: Are they under Deluxe? Campgrounds?