Help Us With a Disney World Quote Page!

Hi all! As some of you may have seen (from my repeated questions :), we at TouringPlans are trying to develop some tools to make getting Travel Agent quotes easier. One of those is a way to deliver quotes to clients. The idea is to lead them to a web page where they can see their quote and even update the prices on their own. Below is an excerpt from that page where you can see some different options for a quote involving Coronado Springs. Here is what I would love some help with:

  1. How does it look? Readable? Easy to understand?
  2. Is it apparent what you are supposed to do to adjust your quoted price?
  3. Would something like this help you make a decision when selecting a WDW vacation?

Thank you once again for your time, you are the best!



I think this is very readable and quite clear what you need to do to adjust your quote. Would you see your quoted price change as you toggle between the options? Will there be links available to review the explanations of the options (Park Hopper v Park Hopper PLUS…etc) or is that available elsewhere?


I agree with @StinsyLinson, I think an explanation of the ticket types and probably dining plans would be helpful - not necessarily on this page but a clickable link. I also think that you should be able to see your total.

It’s very easy to understand and clear what to do to change your quote. I like that it’s all on one page so you can see it all at once.


Readable and clear. So the Agent would be filling in the prices for the options that would appear for the requester on this page? Just curious to make sure that I’m understanding this page.

Is there a spot for the total?


  1. I like the look and I think it is very readable.
  2. It is clear what you adjust to change the prices
  3. As a planner no, but if this was an early trip or if I was not a planner yes.

I am not sure what you entered to get this but I think the following might helpful

A grand total price as already noted by previous posts.
Is room upgrades per night or for the stay?
Is the ticket price for per person or for the quoted group?
Dining price per person or group in quote?

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  1. How does it look? Readable? Easy to understand?
    Yes, and yes. It’s a nice looking page!

  2. Is it apparent what you are supposed to do to adjust your quoted price?

  3. Would something like this help you make a decision when selecting a WDW vacation?
    It would help me decide if I wanted to use this particular agent.

It would be nice if you could eliminate the ticket altogether. I know that I usually buy the ticket separately from the lodgings.

If possible, it might also be nice to have something to indicate / highlight any special rates. Is the pricing including some sort of code? Some kind of special deal?

It would be good to see the terms and conditions (when monies were due, cancellation policy, etc), either directly on the page or as a link.

Like the page, looks easy to use. Will there be a spot to view the total cost and also can there be an option for no ticket? Will there be any indication of a sale price when one is available.

Can I ask about the “included”. I assume in the total of a quote? It made me think: is there a top toggle for deals? For example, if it is a “free dining offer” are some of the “included” locked by default? Can you quickly view different offers by a top drop down (updated for offers)?


A lot of the same comments:

?is this per person/double occupancy? Number of people in the quote.

Looks like a per night rate…any way to indicate that based on length of stay?

Any way to compare it to seasonal rack rates? Always like to know if you are getting a deal.

Any way to have an option for AP discount or coupon code as mentioned.

Total would be nice + disclaimer for calculated taxes and fees.

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I think the is easy to understand and very user friendly. I would like to see a total so that I know quickly how my selections are affecting my total. Couldthere be a room total based on the numbef of nights? While I always buy my tickets through Disney, a no ticket option would be helpful. As someone else suggested, a section of current special offers or a link to special offers would be good. Same with an explanation of what the dining plan includes.

Looks good. I’d probably have to play with it to get a complete sense of how I felt about it. One question: If I collapse options in one section, will it preserve my choices in a similar section. So if I collapse Coronado Springs Resort and expand Port Orleans French Quarter, will it remember what my length of stay, length and type of ticket, and dining plan options are? If not that would be kind of clunky to compare different resorts.

  1. Sadly, I do not find it easily readable the longer the page goes on.
  2. Yes. Except I don’t see my quoted price anywhere? Is that on another page?
  3. Maybe…?

My initial reaction here is: Don’t reinvent the wheel. I think the Disney site does this wonderfully well. Anyone who has tried to book a vacation at Universal right after booking Disney knows what I’m talking about. (And especially 2-3 years ago, where you had to choose a bunch of choices in a list, a bit like this). The only time Disney’s site “fails” is when the room isn’t available or booking hasn’t opened yet, and then you’re trying to base things off history and then doing your own notes to make hypotheticals.

So as such, I would try to model this after the Disney site as much possible. To bring it more in line, maybe have a running tally on the screen? Dynamically updating with your choices?

If I have to keep clicking “submit” to see my updated total, I see that getting frustrating.

Also, in its current config, this is a LOT of text and my eyes are already glazing over just from the screen shot. If you’re determined to keep this design, my first suggesting here is to get rid of all the “click to expand options” tags. I think people will know what a triangle does (aaaaand if they can’t figure it out after a few clicks, this tool wouldn’t help them anyway :wink: ).

Secondly, the length-of-ticket and options, since you can only choose it as a group (length + options), would it not be better to set this up like Disney? Choose your length of ticket, and then your addon options separately? So, basing off your screenshot, instead of a potential total of 28 choices cluttering up the screen, it brings it down to 5.

(can’t see it here, but the tally is at the bottom)

Sorry to be a killjoy here. I definitely appreciate all the work that goes into something like this. And it’d be great to have such a tool such as this independent from Disney. But as it is now, I’d only use it if Disney’s site wasn’t working instead of being my go-to planner.

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Along this line, you can probably cut “Click here for an explanation of XYZ” down to just a hyperlinked “(XYZ)”

You could also make the “other, more expensive room options are also available” bit into a footnote.

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I like it a lot, a good balance between readable and understandable for those who are savvy with this stuff and those who aren’t.

My only suggestions, as others have mentioned, are:

  1. Keeping a running grand total
  2. A “header” that shows the dates and number of people the quote is for
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What is the option if you want the “other, more expensive rooms”? Where do you get pricing for that?

I’ve looked at this a few times now, and each time I couldn’t help but feel like the design in clunky. However, I couldn’t necessarily come up with any logical reason. It was more a “feeling” about it.

Reading @Randall1028’s post, however…I think he captures what I’m “feeling” well, but was able to actually verbalize (err, well, textualize?) it nicely. Too much text…and utilizing common shortcuts instead of text would help clean it up a lot. Why not, for example, replace the “Click Here for an explanation of dining plans” with the easily-identifiable standard of using an “i” with a circle around it to indicate “(more) Info” that is rather ubiquitous these days.

I do like Disney’s way of handling it (aside from how incredibly SLOW it is…“thanks a lot, Rachel”). However, one thing that I find annoying with Disney’s site is when I want to price out a variety of options.

This makes me wonder if what might set apart this tool from Disney’s own website would be to make doing comparisons of two or more options side-by-side easy.

For example, let’s say I’m pricing out potentially staying at Coronado Springs versus Port Orleans. I could see both listed in a table format, and then as you select options, you can see a modified total for each option, etc.

What that EXACTLY looks like, I don’t know. But it is something that I find super annoying on Disney’s own website because I basically have to go back and edit and re-select each time I want to change the options.


Disney’s site allows you to compare up to 3 versions/combinations of options and see them side by side.

But again, it’s contingent on the rooms being available to even book.

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Really? I’ve wanted to do that over and over and again, and I’ve never been able to figure out how to do it. :confused:

WHere is this magic hidden?

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go to the main site, scroll to the bottom and there’s a blue section “Want a vacation recommendation” and go through the options.

Should end up to a page (don’t think this will work without initial selections though).

Barring that, start here and go through the options.

As I said, Disney’s site handles this entire process really really well. If you could set up something like this independent on whether or not a room is available or not, I think it’d be a home run.

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Thanks. I’ll check it out!