Help TouringPlans: New map for Hollywood Studios

Hi all!

We at TouringPlans are gradually overhauling our maps that show up below your plans and eventually (hopefully, maybe, wink wink) on our app. We are starting with Hollywood Studios because we needed to add Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to it anyway.

Here are two different versions of the same map and some questions I have for you:

  1. Which color scheme do you prefer?
  2. What would you add or subtract from the map?


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I like the one with the white walkways the best.

  1. I like the top one better with black walkways.
  2. Symbols for locations like bathrooms

I like the bottom one.

I agree. Having the walk-ways black feel counter-intuitive to me. Makes it seem like the buildings are open areas or something! :slight_smile:

However, I don’t like the contrast of the text on the black buildings, either. Perhaps not using black at all for the building areas and keep the labels in black text.

I like the one with the walkways as black - top picture. It seemed immediately clear to me where to go and what is and is not a walkway. Can you make Echo Lake blue? To me, water should always be blue on a map. I like the color coding of the “lands” and the buildings as white. You also don’t have to switch the color of the text as much with the top map. I think “Toy Story Land” text should be bigger.

The only other comment I might make: sometimes I get confused because your maps have the entrance at the bottom of the page…which makes complete sense. But in Disney’s app, their maps are oriented with North up. I don’t know if that’s worth looking into, but I always have to take a minute and reorient myself because I’ve been looking at your map and their map is upside down or turned 75 degrees. Just a thought…


Looking further at this, I actually think I like your building/walkway color scheme best as you’ve done it in SWGE. Having the walkways dark gray, and the buildings light gray is more pleasing. Helps with the black text issue as well.

It isn’t clear to me why you have colors for various areas. I didn’t think HS really had “lands” (well, I guess it does with TSL and SWGE now), but in all my years there I’ve never once thought of the park as divided up in lands.

Color-coding the lands is useful if you are going to have a key off to the side. You’d know, then, to look in the “green” section for a description of what “Tower of Terror” is, or whatever else is in the Green area. If you aren’t planning to do that here, there isn’t really a lot of advantage to it.

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Bottom image with the white walkways.

Edit to include reasoning:
For me, the black intuitively states that I cannot pass through it, so having black for the walkway messes with my brain.

Can there be an option to match the color of the buildings with the color assigned to that region? Maybe not the exact color but perhaps a shade slightly lighter or darker.

i prefer the top image, dark walkways

as a guest, you really don’t know anything about the size and shape of the attraction buildings (especially from the top), so making them stand out more by making them dark doesn’t seem to add anything.

I like @ryan1’s suggestion of dark walkways and light gray for the attraction buildings

the white just seems incomplete in both versions

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I prefer the top one.
Important areas to represent on the map - bathrooms, food, guest services, first aid, baby care center.

I like the white walkways (I also view white=open space), but the black seems a bit harsh. I like the idea of maybe gray buildings. I like that you added names of some of the attractions. As a first-timer using these maps, I had trouble especially at HS with finding some sort of ‘landmark’ to orient myself to. Echo Lake helped when I was in that area, but the Sunset Boulevard area kind of threw me off for some reason.

I prefer to see where the buildings are, so I much prefer the bottom map. But I don’t like the stark contrast. Agree with the idea of using gray to show buildings.

White should signify open space. Echo Lake should be blue!

Love the colour coding. Definitely need to add stuff like restrooms. Personally would like to see names of restaurants and shops too.

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While I like the top 1, the land colors stand out more. altho, i understand what people are saying about black being blocked or are building.

However #2 text color scheme is awful and hard to read quickly (e.g. ToT, RnRC). I know that #1 has some of the same issue but not as bad.

I think going with some kind of grey might be better.

I like the bottom scheme and had no trouble reading the text.

I also like the building in a dark color like the bottom map. Makes more sense.

I prefer the top one. With that said, I would make sure that you do all your park maps the same way, to be the same in the walkways and buildings. Have better markings for what is where, so at a glance, you know where you are going to need to go. Bathrooms are also a good things to show, as are the quick service and table service locations. Or you could even have a key that would help.

The top one is definitely easier to read. I don’t like all the white buildings though. Maybe color code the buildings based on Attraction, food, shopping or color code for the land they are in instead of the area of the land.

I agree that the harshness in contrast is what makes these maps hard to look at and read. The black just does not seem to belong. Gray would be better I think, but still kind of sad for WDW. White should always represent open space but please don’t send me to a big black blob! But thank you for creating these maps, It will be great to have them on the app. Hope it happens before late April!

I like the bottom map better. No problems reading it!

I like the bottom one better. I prefer lighter shading for walkways and darker for buildings.

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