HELP planning a 2.5 day PH trip- filled w/ too many details, i'm sure

I am having a VERY difficult time- after planning only 6-park day, 1 park per day trips- planning a 2.5 park day, PH trip (just DH and I). I have no idea how much time to accommodate at each park for what we want to do. I have my plan below, but I need some help 1) understanding if I have time for my top priorities. 2) making sure I’m prioritizing things that would be harder with kids. I want to do EVERYTHING, but I can’t, and I’d rather focus on things that would be harder to do with my tiny children, like stay up late, and have nice dining reservations, and go on rides that they’re too small for, and just enjoy the Disney ambiance. 3) I’m having a little trouble with my AK day, since the best time to ride FoP w/o EE or ILL is right before park close, but we need to make it to EP for Harmonious, and there just isn’t a ton we HAVE to do at AK, so timewise, there’s probably only 5-6 hours worth of stuff. I think. Doesn’t really justify staying until park close to ride FoP. I’m unsure if I should try to talk DH into ILL or just prep him for potentially having to wait in line for 2 hours. 4) My Saturday day is looking pretty light. I could move some EP stuff from Friday to Saturday, but I need to know how much time I need at AK in order to plan for that, as I would likely try to move some reservations.

This is long, but thanks in advance for bearing with me and any wisdom you have to offer. I haven’t made any official touring plans, but my loose plan is as follows (no G+ or ILL):

February 3, PP HS (maybe hop to EP) Arrive around 3:30

1st priority- trip wouldn’t be complete without it:

Star Tour, Tower of Terror, RnR (single rider is possible), Sci Fi (don’t even have this res yet), wandering around Batuu, Oga’s (9:45 PM res)

2nd priority- would be hella nice:

TSMM, MFSR (we would like to experience this together, so no single rider line)

3rd priority- not necessary, but I feel like I can’t make a “to do” list without it:


February 4, PP EP (I hate to lose that first hour, but really need some time at EP) Plan is to hop to MK for fireworks and a few rides, maybe skipper

Breakfast at Trattoria or A&C

1st priority:

La Cava, Gran fiesta (DH hasn’t been on this, and I love it), SE, Festival of the Arts, meet up with some friends who will be in EP this day

2nd priority:

Le Cellier for Poutine (3:15 res), Space 220 lounge (if I can get this res), MS orange

3rd priority:


1st priority at MK:

HM, PM, Enchantment

2nd priority:

Skipper canteen (5:00 or 7:15 res), 7 dwarves, space ranger spin

February 5, AK PP, Hop to EP for Harmonious

Breakfast at Boma

1st priority:

FoP, Nomad Lounge, walk around and ENJOY- either performers, or animals

2nd priority:

KS, kite show, Y&Y (3:15 PM res),

This was a big one for us on our first no-kids trip to WDW. We made sure to ride things together that we never had the chance to because of the littles.

Re AK is there a reason you don’t want that to be your first park so as to RD FoP? You could do that, safari, trails and then Nomad at RD then skip out by noon. Oh I see your Y&Y – why is that top priority? It’s very good, don’t get me wrong, but I wouldn’t let it jack up my whole day by a long shot.

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AK is our first park on 2/5.

It’s more that I can’t RD FoP since we are staying off site- would you agree that waits at actual park open will be just as long as the rest of the day, due to all the people ahead of me who had early entry? Or am I off base there? The touring plans charts of historical wait times seem to reflect this.
-actually now that I look, it looks like it was “only” 60 min at 8 AM a few days ago. So that might be a good option.

I’m perfectly willing to forego Y&Y now that you mention it. I should bump it to 2nd, which is where most of my dining reservations are

Oh duh. I missed that detail about the offsite stay.

Not willing to ILL it?

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In November, we didn’t make EE (had to wait in line to sort out AP), so we were in the pack of regular rope droppers for FOP…and still waited just at an hour. Certainly not ideal…but not the worst.
Though I don’t know what the closing of Everest is doing to the other rides wait times.

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Thanks. Yeah, I’d expect an hour wait w/o ILL. We’ll do that without issue. I’d just like to avoid pretty much anything over 80 minutes.

I’d rather not. DH is really stressing about money and that $30 could buy me 2 alcoholic beverages :crazy_face:

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If the line is out of control, I would still recommend single rider - so as not to waste your day. Every time I’ve been in SR they’ve pulled me and another single rider at the same time (if you’ve got two families of 4 in the regular line back to back - they need two from SR to fill the falcon). Its a gamble…but might be worth it.

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So here’s the thing: I don’t like ILL or G+

But the one time I do see it as being a strong help and worthwhile (ILL in particular, as you have the most control over it) is a short trip where you want to have the best time possible and do as much as you can.

You’ve saved gobs by staying offsite. Throw down the $30 and pass on a round of drinks somewhere but not Nomad). Yeah, I said that.


I will absolutely consider that. Do you know anywhere I can go to solicit information on what time slots people have been getting for FoP ILL? I’m wondering my chances of getting it in the first part of the day

IDK but I had my absolute pick of choices for ROTR at 0700 so I would assume you’d have the same or better results for FoP

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But she’s off-site, so has to wait until park open for booking ILL. :frowning_face:

I guess I meant that if the most popular ride offered 100% choice across all time frames that she should be okay too.

I don’t have any hard data on that. But if she gets a slot before noon she’s golden. I expect that should be possible

At the very worst, plan to RD it and wait the hour that @StinsyLinson mentioned but bonus if ILL is available


Thrill data has all the info. 8am (park open for off-site access) return times for FOP are typically after 5pm, unfortunately. Since your AK day is a Saturday it could be after 6pm.

But don’t forget the 9:01 drop time. Here is today’s data. Just before 9am, return times were at 7pm. Yikes! But see this chart, it shows the drops in the vertical lime green dots every day just after 9:00. Return times are typically between 11am and noon if you catch the drop.

(you can see the 12:08 return time from today)

I also think you should just pay for the FOP ILL!

P.S. Your plan overall looks great! :star_struck:


I would say spend $30 only at Nomad! :wink: you can’t beat the ambience and character floats going by, such amazing food and cocktails… wish I were there right now….! Just curious, why don’t you like it?

No I said pass on a round of drinks somewhere EXCEPT at Nomad

I guess you’re kind of new here? Welcome!

Everyone around here knows that’s my absolute favorite watering hole :wink:


Lol sorry I misread your post!

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@princessLiv @OBNurseNH this gave me the giggles. thanks yall.

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Haha glad to bring some humor to your morning. :grin: @OBNurseNH its -9 here in vt, same in nh? :cold_face: Let’s pretend we’re at nomad instead, what are you ordering?? :tropical_drink:

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Wow it’s hot up there today, huh??

Here it’s: