HELP planning a 2.5 day PH trip- filled w/ too many details, i'm sure

G+ could work well for late arrivals too, if you can stack them up after your arrival time.

This was my experience and this was @heathernoel’s.

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oooo, exciting! hours just got extended for the parks during the days i’m there. MK was previously closing at 8 PM on Saturday and now it’s 10:00. :partying_face:


effin’ a now i have to rethink everything… i’d rather go to MK for Enchantment on Saturday when they’re open until 10:00 then on Friday when it’s open until 9:00… gees. Too much to ask for them to have park hours finalized in 60 days, huh? this is why people grab 10,000 reservations on reservation morning.

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I have definitely seen this 9:01 FOP ILL drop, so it is worth looking for.

I would also recommend jumping in line for MFSR right before close. Then you can wait in line to ride while you wait for your Oga’s! It shouldn’t be long.


alright, i gotta switch my Harmonious and Enchantment days. Enchantment remains at 8:00, even though on 2/4 the park is open until 9:00 and on 2/5, the park is open until 10:00. And i think we’ll be able to hit a good amount after fireworks with the park being open until 10:00 as opposed to 9:00. Back to the drawing board!!

For some reason i thought fireworks were always at park close, but not according to Disney’s calendar