Help others with Boarding Group

So I have been thinking we have a lot of people on here that seem to be good with getting boarding groups for ROTR and there are still a lot of people missing out for whatever reasons daily so what would stop us from helping each other? If someone gave you their log in info to MDE to get you a boarding group you could change password afterwards. I mean a lot of the people and names on here I recognize on multiple posts and I know someone could probably screw up your MDE if they started cancelling reservations but they do not get access to your credit card information or anything.

I was just wondering because I am an early riser anyway so if people thought no harm could come from sharing the information I would be willing to help others wanting to get a BG. I mean I can spare 5 minutes while I am enjoying coffee in the morning. Ha.

@bebe80 is the pro here on that, has a whole post devoted to it:

But yeah I’m not letting anyone into my MDE

That’s been done before, but I definitely would not want to be the only one attempting. I would feel horrible if I failed them. Still should have at least one other person attempting that is actually going to HS.

I helped some friends get it on Christmas week and I really felt the pressure because I figured they were going to half ass try because they did not understand how fast it was over. I got the BG and sent them a picture and she responded “yeah I got the same thing”. I think she thought she got the BG but in reality I got it and by the time she clicked on it it was showing the last screen. Ha


I’ve tried to get one for a liner before, but it ended up being the liner in the park who snagged one anyway.

I’d be happy to help someone out again. I’m in the UK, so I’m always awake at RD.

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