HELP! Need Hollywood Studios Advice

Hi Everyone, My family and I are taking a Royal Carribean cruise in November which stop in Port Canaveral for one day. We are considering using this day to have a short visit in Hollywood Studios, specially to see Toy Story Land. Our concerns are that it will be a very busy time of year and that because we are not staying at the resort we will only be able to book Fast Passes 30 days out, and I am assuming with Toy Story and Star Wars being new, and the time of year, the rides in Toy Story Land We want to ride will be taken up. I am hoping some of you Disney pros can help with some creative ways we may be able to get fast passes for that day, or if you think the trip from Port Canaveral to HS for about 5 hours is even worth it! My family and I love disney but only go ever several years and we’re waiting for our younger son to be a TOUCH older before we do another full trip. Any advice or thoughts are welcome. THANK YOU!

Last April I cruised on the Anthem and we went to Universal. I had an AP so I was not worried about “doing it all”. I thought the Disney transport brought you to the TTC? That will add time to/from the park.

We wanted to eat at a TS in Citywalk but we had time to do a few attractions. We got stuck in a line at the end of the night and that was disappointing. The buses left as they were loaded.

I think you would only have enough time to do a couple of attractions and until GE opens you will not know how bad those crowds would be. I honestly would consider MK, or EP.

Thank you. We’re not necessarily worried about doing it all, but we want to enjoy TSL and ride the rides there. that’s really the only area of the park we’d be interested in this time since we’ve done the other areas (with the exception of the new star wars area that will open). We are also going on the Anthem… i think if we do this we would probably do private transportation to get us directly to HS rather than going to TTC. BUT our biggest concern is that damn 30 day vs 60 day window for past passes. We’re concerned we won’t get any fast passes with the 30 day window and will spend the entire time in line, which would defeat the purpose. MK is an option but I think i would disappoint my kids with that since they talk about HS all the time (first world problems, lol). Thanks for the advice!

yea, unfortunately a lot of the TSL rides you can’t even get a 60 days plus. There is of course the chance (outside chance) of them “dropping” same day fast passes, but that is risky. I would not want to pay the money for a one day ticket and not get to do anything you want without very long waits

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No. I wouldn’t drive 5 hours just for HS, personally.

Hmm. I re-read what you wrote, and I think I misunderstood. You didn’t mean it is a 5 hour drive (which seemed excessively long to me!), but that you would drive there and only get about 5 hours in the park total, right?

I’m still not sure I would do it. But I don’t know the ages of your kids to judge better. If it is just for TSL, I’d say no. If you like ToT and RnRC, and don’t plan to really see/do much at SWGE, then maybe.

The ride is about an hour each way. I think you will have a better idea of the “new normal” of HS in September.

We love ALL of HS. That an AK are our fav. parks. And my kids are 10 and 6… they are OBSESSED with Toy Story and it’s really important to us to get them there soon. But a full disney trip is just outside of our budget. We found a really nicely priced cruise so we think we will use the money we spend to go to HS for a day as our excursion. I’ma little concerned at the post above saying sometimes you can’t get get a FP at 60 days. I’ kind of a psycho planner so I would love in at 6:30 a.m. the day we can book FP and go to town but i guess even that could br risky right now. I just would hate to spend the money and the travel time to not get to do what we would want to do in the park.

Yea, you’re right. but I kind of have to be proactive with the cruise being in November. If we wait any chance we have to do anything is going to be gone. I’m a little concerned about how crowded that park will be but… you only live once and where there is a will there is a way. ha!

Have you seen the rides be booked for FP 60 days out?! That is a little scary!

Remember, without a FP, you can still ride things. You just have to wait in standby.

I doubt you’ll get a FP for SDD, so plan to wait. You might not get a FP for ToT. When I was checking at 30 days out for May (which has low crowd levels) SDD and TOT were always booked, but you could find RnRC and TSM, etc.

SDD - definitely. Toy story mania and alien swirling saucers you just may be able to get them at 30 days without any trouble. of course right now because of the tiers, you could only get 1 or the other. Is it possible for you to get there before RD? And I really am not trying to be a Debbie Downer, but with SWGE opening, it is possible the park could close for capacity. I hope you do get to go and get fastpasses.

Your 30 days will be after opening. Your only other option is a fake room only booking.

How crazy would you think I was to spend even more money and get a night at a resort to get the 60 day window? That’s the next option i’m considering!

You probably still won’t get SDD, if that’s what you’re after.

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Man! That’s disappointing. But yes that’s what we’re after! ha.

I wouldn’t do it just for that. I mean that means you will probably be paying 150 bucks for 60 day FP and for SDD it’s hard to get anything before 60 + 4 or 5 days. And I don’t know if it’s still happening, but people who booked a room and then cancelled were having their fastpasses cancelled - maybe you weren’t thinking of cancelling - but it is not worth it to book and then not get a fast pass at 60 days anyway

Nah, I wouldn’t cancel. I’d keep the room and pay the money for the “convenience” but everyone is saying that it wouldn’t matter anyway! I’m just tring to be creative. This is tough!

Just wait in line for it. If you put SDD later in the day (like around dinner time) lines will be shorter. Play around with TP and see what it estimates for the wait time.

I mean I would rather pay for early morning magic if it comes up for your date - then you don’t need FPP for TSL