Help me convince DW that we can go back!

Alright friends,

As you can tell by my posts, I’ve been bitten by the bug. Don’t let my face in the picture below fool you, I had a fabulous time last week on our first trip to WDW.

Now, I’ve got to get back and I need your help convincing my dear dear wife that this is a feasible reality.
You can help by telling me what you know about…

1. Bounceback Offers
This was something I heard about from a Liner, but never heard about from Disney. Was I supposed to get some kind of offer from Disney to come back soon at a discounted rate? Who can I contact about this?

2. Annual Passes
I’ve heard that if you go twice within a year period, an AP could be worth it. We could feasibly go back next October during our girls’ fall break - well within a year’s time of our last trip. Is it too late to get an AP, or tack one on to our previously purchased tickets? Where can I find out more info?

3. Staying Off-Property
We had a great time at AoA, but I’ve been looking around and we could save a bundle, for example, with a two bedroom villa at Orange Lake Resort not far from Animal Kingdom. If you have stayed off-property, where did you stay and were you near enough the parks to make it worth your while?

Thanks in advance for any info my friends.
It’s for the children, right? Look again at Vera’s face above… we want that girl to grow up at Disney, right?


well, sorry, you are out of luck with the bounceback offer - it is found in the little red or blue folder in your resort room, and the offer is only good until you checkout.

And you had to upgrade your tickets before you used the past day.

as for off property, I think the idea of more space is good. And being offsite means you can cook or at meals in other places than Disney so it would be a money saver and foods that are normal to you if you eat in chains at home. I have stayed at Winsor Hills in a large home and it was ok. My family loved the room, my immediate family wanted to be onsite and in the arcades and pools and in the magic. orange lake is going to be a 30 to 45 minute drive through traffic minimum every time you go anywhere to Disney. I am trying the Bonnett Creek place in a few weeks so I’ll see how that goes.

if DW is worried about money and staying offsite is a way for you to get back then do it. Good luck!

you could go during free dining period. check this site that lists historical dates that it comes out and is good for.

by the way…you still owe us a trip report!! I am curious how The Plan worked out!

I appreciate that face. It’s what mine looks like most of the time I’m in the MK… :smile:


I’m an enabler when it comes to APs. Although you can’t upgrade now that all your entitlements have been used (all the days on your pass), you can purchase APs and enjoy the potential 20%-35% discounts that are released throughout the year. Spend money to save money…?

Bad news for me regarding AP’s and bounce back. I did not see any kind of envelope with more information in our room.

@mjsmomma, thanks for the link with historical deals. Unfortunately, if this calendar holds, then there will be a black-out week the week of my daughters’ fall break.

Anyone else who has stayed off property want to weigh in?

Thanks Liners.

And @mjsmomma, i’ll be writing up the trip report this week!

looking forward to the trip report! I have no personal experience with off site since the only time I was off site was about 30 years ago and that wouldn’t be applicable nowadays! the friends that I’ve had stay off site with little kids didn’t really like it b/c it was a lot of packing and driving every day but that’s only a few experiences. I do hear people on here and chat say that they like bonnet creek which is very close to Disney property I believe.

one more thing. regarding FD. even if you can check in on the last day that FD is offered, you get it for the whole duration of your stay, even if the rest of the week is blacked out.

I stayed at AoA in May, and I believe the bounceback offer was described (just in a couple pages) within a guest’s guide that was in our room? It certainly wasn’t something that you’d stumble upon, it was rather tucked away. We didn’t book a trip, but I did look to see if I could find it because so many Liners had mentioned it. I’m sorry to hear you would have considered booking a bounceback!

I don’t have any offsite experience. But if you can lock into your dates once they’re set (that is, you’re not likely to want to adjust those dates once your initial reservation is made), you might want to look into renting DVC points for your next trip. That wouldn’t necessarily bring your costs down, but your family may feel that you’re getting more for your money (as you would be able to stay Deluxe at a much lower cost - possibly comparable to what you paid at AoA for a suite).

No off-site tips. Last time I stayed off-site was ca. 1984 with an adult singles group from my church…

I remember you drove down, so you would not have to add the cost of a rental, but unless you buy AP’s which would make your tickets very expensive, you have to add the cost of parking per day to the price of an outside room, also add in the extra time of parking, tram, and a ferry or monorail if MK.

To help save money get the Target Red Card and buy the Disney gift cards at 5% discount.

When my kids were really small, before the bed bug issues of today, we stayed at the Masters Inn, near the big orange on Irlo Bronson, for about $35 a night, the rooms were nothing special, clean enough. It was not a big deal to drive to Disney, I always did earlier because I felt I needed more time to arrive.

We did not do afternoon breaks, too much hassle to get back to the car drive to hotel, drive back to Disney find a new parking spot, etc.

Even if you stay onsite find ways to cut down on Disney dining, pack in drinks, etc from home, have breakfast in the room, maybe sandwiches too. Leave Disney property for a meal or two.

There are ways to save money at Disney. Also if you can save a bit a month it helps in the long run, or maybe your tax refund if you get one.

We’ve stayed offsite twice at Windsor Hills, once at fall break and then another memorial day week. We’ve stayed in a 3 bed room condo and paid a little over $500 and we’ve stayed in a 3 bedroom townhouse with its own pool for around $800. We’ve even been able to to add days and stay longer than the traditional Saturday to Saturday. It’s a mile and half from the disney world entrance in Kissimmee. It’s the only place we’ll stay off site. We love it.

I am going in April with (almost free… $23 a night resort fee) 7 night hotel stay at the Dolphin Hotel (and you can do 5 in a room!) and free flight from SW thanks to credit card sign on bonus rewards.I upgraded to annual passes when I was there in November so we are saving $$ on tickets too!

@Stockdale731, are those prices per night or for the length of your stay?
@Melany502, Thanks for the tip. I’ll take look!

For the length of the stay- a week

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Hey @JonMcIntosh!

When we stay offsite, we love the Hapi Mag Lake Berkely Resort. Linkage for you to research:

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As a former AP holder and trying to convince dh to renew me and kids… I appreciate this post :wink: I don’t have any money saving tips since we day trip but beware… Having an AP will make you want to go back more!!! It burns in your pocket and you will find yourself taking crazy last min trips!!! (Not like there’s anythig wrong with that!!!) we love AoA but you can keep an eye out for deal on Pop or the other value hotels? Good luck… I’m working on dh for a jan trip!!!

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Have stayed at resorts in Kissimmee, Wyndom Bonnet Creek and Hilton VC near Sea World. Deals to be had and money saved. Consider the daily parking fees when evaluating cost, but travel is not a problem. Hate waiting on Disney transportation

we have stayed at a couple of the westgate resorts. For our family we would have to rent two hotel rooms so staying in a suite or villa is more economical. I’m not sure if you only have the one child, but if you do, im assuming you would only need the studio or one bedroom, which ive seen as low as like 105 dollars a night during some seasons. You also save on breakfast, and some dinners depending on when you get back from the parks. We drive to Disney so we already have a car. Some of the westgate properties are less than 15 minutes away without traffic.