Help ! FP+ and babyswitch

Hey, everyone.

It is almost time for me to book our FP+, but I have no idea how to book them knowing we will use baby switch (rider switch) for some of them.

I have read many things on the web but I need feedback from others who have been using this in the past few months since I heard the system has changed.

If I were to be able to have a FP+ for FOP (BIG IF knowing how popular it is), should I book for rider 1 and DS while rider 2 waits with DD?
Or should I book only for rider 1 and DS can come along?
Or should I book only for rider 1 and have DS ride the second time with rider 2 (is it possible? In this scenario DS would ride with rider 2 because I am assuming it is easier to get a FP+ for only one rider than for 2).
Or are these tactics impossible and I should book FP+ for rider 1 & rider 2 & DS?

I am a bit lost please help.

This is pretty typical.

Can’t do this. He Can ride on the rider switch with the 2nd party though.

This is the second option.

You will likely have to do some combination of 1 and 3 to make the most of your FPP. How old is the non-rider? If 3+ you might have some trouble using all their FPP.

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DD is 5 but a scaredy cat, she will never ride on FOP, and DS will never ride on things like Pirates of the Caribbeans so I am trying to juggle with their likes and dislikes. Why would I have some trouble using her FP+?

She can’t ride by herself. So in order for her to ride with FPP, an adult will also need that FPP. This can be fine as long as your son doesn’t want to go on that ride also because he might have already used a FPP for FoP or something else.
The key to remember is that everyone who wants to ride needs a FPP, with the exception of when you use rider switch. This includes things like character meets.

Ok I see, thank you for your help. I am just wondering now if we could just swap our magic bands for a ride DS and DD would not want to go on like Expedition Everest and then do a rider switch with the second rider. That would be incredible if possible.

You can switch magic bands. This works great when one parent does not want to ride. It doesn’t normally make sense if both parents plan to ride. It’s definitely tricky, and I’m not sure I’m doing a good job explaining.

Another way to consider maximizing your use of FPP in your situation is to consider using Single Rider lines instead of FPP. You can use that in conjunction with Rider Switch. For Expedition Everest, for example, you go to the CM and say you need a rider switch pass. One parent will be the 2nd party and the other parent will wait in the single rider line. After they ride, the rider switch parent gets to go back through the FPP line. No FPP used.

Really I can use the single rider AND the baby switch??? Because that is not allowed in DisneyLand Paris. That is a game changer for us.

Yes, you just have to be careful because sometimes the Single Rider lines move really slow. Rock 'n Rollercoaster is often not much faster than Standby

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Do you know if SDD has a single rider line, and is it slow. Because my DS would rather swim with sharks than go on it, it would only be DH and I, who would ride it.

SDD does not have single rider.

I don’t think there was a single rider line for SDD. They separate odd/even numbered groups in the line ahead of the loading area to fill all available seats.

You might try doing it at Rope Drop. You can get rider switch, one of you rides while the rest do Aliens or Toy Story Mania.

We did exactly what you’re describing at AK, but it left DD5 with a kind of lame day (we made it up to her the next day). We had half our party book FoP and half book EE. Then used rider switch to get the EE FPers on FoP and rider switch to get the FoP FPers on EE. Be forewarned that the time for a party to go through the FoP queue, preshow, ride, and exit is significant: more than 20 minutes.

In general, I would get adult1 and DS a FP for FoP and adult2 and DS (again) can ride rider switch. Then I’d get adult2 and DD FP’s for EE and adult1 and DS (again) can ride rider switch. Then I’d make sure DD has some other fun stuff to do/eat while she’s waiting both times because it can be pretty lame.

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The Boneyard is a great place for a 5 year old to spend time at AK. When my kids were 4 and 6 they didn’t want to leave it.

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Sadly, it’s pretty far from EE and really far from FoP. If you’re willing to walk over there to do the rider switch then I agree, it is a great choice. In Pandora, there are a lot of fun and interesting things to look at…but not for 45 minutes. Over by EE, I guess maybe one of the walkthroughs? But EE is pretty quick. I think we did both parties via Rider Switch in 15 minutes.

DS saw the shoulder banshee and has been saving his pocket money to buy his own, so I know what to do when my DH will be riding except if DS wants to ride it twice. I guess we can visit pandora while DH and DS ride, then when I and DS rides we can decide to meet somewhere like the Boneyard so DD and DH can play while they wait for us. Afterwards we will just do that part of the park.

Thank you for your great ideas :wink:

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Watch out. :star_struck: At major rides they make both adults have a FP reservation in order for both adults to us FP line for RS. This is a newish policy and will be enforced at several rides. Other times, it is not enforced, but you never know until you check-in. If both do not have it, they will give your 2nd time people a return time for the length of the SB line. That later return time could mess with your TP significantly. This info is less than 3 months old. Hope that helps! Would strongly encourage catching more FPs at FP drop times day of for extra rides. We stood in only 3 SB lines all of a week trip using drop times, 4th and 5th FPs, and other tips etc.

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What are the major rides except FoP
Are 7DMT, ToT, RocknR, Expedition Everest, Test Track all considered major attractions?

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I wouldn’t worry about it. There are countless reports confirming that not everybody needs a FP for all the rides. Occasionally they ask at FOP and 7DMT.

If you just say confidently to the CM “we’re riding now, we need a rider swap for these people” 99.99% of the time, you won’t have a problem. If you go apologetically saying that “only some of us have got a FP, is that ok, can we still have a rider swap?” that is when you will have trouble, because they start questioning what the rules are.


I actually do not believe that you are able to use Single Rider lines in conjunction with Rider Switch.

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No I don’t either.

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